How to Develop a Transportation Resource Guide

One of the most important tools for mobility managers is an inventory or database of available transportation resources. While we have a broad scope of public transit in Massachusetts, other local resources, from Council on Aging vans to hospital shuttles, may help fill gaps and are essential to include in a comprehensive local transportation resource guide.

The HST Office has developed this page to provide links to useful tools for developing a local resource guide or inventory, as well as examples of hard copy and online directories. It is important to think about the scope and detail needed to make the inventory useful for your community or region. For example, having specific information about the hours and days of operation will tell you right away whether that particular transportation resource is a viable option for someone's particular trip needs.

Sample Transportation Online Directories

Ride Match
This online regional directory includes transportation options for seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone needing to travel in Southeastern Massachusetts and beyond. This tool can help you, your family members, or your consumers plan trips. Enter your town of origin and your destination, and the database will give you contact information for public, private, and non-profit transportation services that meet your needs. Riders can also specify day and time of travel and accommodations required if they choose. Comprehensive information is available for Southeastern Massachusetts, with some information available across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Transportation providers whose services are not already in the database can request to be included. Ride Match was developed by GATRA.

New Jersey Find A Ride
This website has a searchable directory of accessible transportation options for people with disabilities and others in New Jersey who don't have easy, reliable access to private automobile transportation. Transportation providers can also post or update information about their services.

It includes a searchable database to allow people with special transportation needs, case managers, and agencies to find transportation in the Central Puget Sound Region, as well as links to transportation tools such as a transit trip planner, ride matching, and more. Providers have a login portal to update their information.

Developed by "FACT", San Diego County's Consolidated Transportation Service Agency, this site contains a searchable database of public and private specialized transportation providers for seniors and people with disabilities.

Sample Transportation Resource Guides

Berkshire Rides
This website has a downloadable Transportation Guide as well as "Find A Ride" online listing of transportation resources in the Berkshires.

Ride Guide: Senior Transportation Options in the Greater Austin Area
This guide from the Austin, Texas area is modeled on the Senior Transportation Options template listed above.

This information is provided by EOHHS Human Service Transportation Office.