Having a safe and reliable way for your employees to travel to your workplace is important. The HST Office suggests a number of Massachusetts and national resources to help you and your employees find transportation solutions:

Know Your Local Transit Agency

Most communities in Massachusetts are served by one of the state's transit agencies. This is the first place your business can look to for making contacts about local transportation needs:

MassRIDES: The Massachusetts Travel Options Program

MassRIDES is the Massachusetts statewide travel options program, with information about carpooling, bicycling, walking, public transportation, teleworking, and vanpooling. Employers with 250 or more employees and educational facilities with over 1000 students and employees combined can also find out about the state rideshare regulation requirements through MassRIDES.

Transportation Management Agencies (TMAs)

TMAs are business membership organizations that encourage the use of ridesharing and other commuting alternatives to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. They operate in specific geographic areas to influence transportation policies and create transportation programs for TMA member employers, institutions, governmental organizations, and commercial property owners.

Trip Planning Websites

Web-based trip planning tools are a place that you can direct your employees to when looking for transportation options to your worksite. Some, like Google Transit allow you to do point to point trip planning as a driver, pedestrian or user of public transportation. The MBTA also has a trip planning tool on their website that allows users of this service within the greater Boston area to find public transportation routes and schedules.

Ride Share

In addition to helping get employees to your place of work, shared ride programs also help people go green and save money on fuel costs. Many Massachusetts TMAs and Mass RIDES host carpool ridesharing services oriented to regular employee commutes. Other ride share sites are more general for both one time rides and regular travel needs or work through car sharing options.

Other resources include:

  • Yes We Van is a new vanpool service from New Bedford and Taunton to Boston that also allows one way and day riders.
  • Ride Buzz (non-profit ridesharing program based in the Pioneer Valley )
  • Ride Share Directory(directory of national and regional online ride share sites)
  • Car Sharing Options: Zip Car or Relay Rides

The CTAA Employer Toolkit

The Community Transportation Association of America Joblinks project is a national technical assistance center focused on assisting employers with their travel needs.

Transportation Toolkit for the Business Community provides strategies and resources that meet employee commuting needs while advancing business goals. The kit includes flyers, fact sheets, resources and examples of transportation initiatives undertaken by employers nationwide.

Work Without Limits (WWL)

The Work Without Limits Initiative is a public/private partnership to strengthen the Massachusetts workforce and advance work opportunities for youth and adults with disabilities in Massachusetts and has more information about transportation resources for employers.

Employer Rights and Responsibilities for Transporting People with Disabilities

If your business regularly provides transportation to the general workforce, you are required by law to provide transportation to people with disabilities also. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities as an employer to people with disabilities.



This information is provided by the EOHHS Human Service Transportation Office