Transportation providers play a major role in local community transportation networks. This resource page from the Human Service Transportation Office provides information about key topics for transportation providers. 

Contracting in the HST System

Massachusetts has a coordinated statewide Human Service Transportation (HST) brokerage system with six Regional Transit Authorities currently brokering and managing over 5 million consumer trips throughout the state. Brokers arrange these transportation services by subcontracting with local qualified transportation providers. Work volume for providers can be as limited as occasional trips for mid-day medical appointments to long-term multiple days a week route structured program services. If you are interested in being a provider for these HST services please contact the Broker in your area.

HST Provider Performance Standards

The Human Service Transportation (HST) Office has developed transportation service performance standards in partnership with state agencies participating in the HST brokerage system in Massachusetts. All transportation providers participating in the HST system must adhere to these minimum standards. This document covers such topics as insurance, driver, monitor and vehicle standards, emergency and inclement weather procedures, training, etc.

Local Training Resources

Safety is paramount and ongoing driver training is a vital component to maintaining high quality service.

Mass. Rural Transit Assistance Program (MArtap) has driver training programs.

Driver Skills Development Programs are certified by the Registry of Motor Vehicles and offer advanced driver training in accident avoidance techniques. These programs are conducted in a controlled environment on an off-road training course at actual roadway speeds.

The Injury Prevention and Control Program of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health offers resources related to passenger safety, including written materials, community coalitions, and education.

National Safety Resources

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has information on safety research, vehicle and equipment recalls and occupant protection systems including child safety seats.

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on Wheelchair Transportation Safety

Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) offers many courses.

National Transit Institute (NTI) has training courses and written materials on transit services, including many related to safety issues.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the bus and truck safety agency. This web site is has information on the FMSCA's passenger carrier program and regulations as well as many safety publications.

Benefits for Hiring Veterans As Employees

Transportation providers and other employers that hire veterans may be eligible for federal benefits

This information is provided by Human Service Transportation Office.