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The Department of Transitional Assistance is committed to helping victims of domestic violence on public assistance live violence free lives and to achieve economic self-sufficiency safely. To reach this goal the Department established the Domestic Violence Unit in 1999.

What is the DTA Domestic Violence Unit?

The DTA Domestic Violence Unit was created to support TAFDC workers in managing their domestic violence cases. Each area office is assigned one of the specialists to consult in domestic violence cases.

What are the goals of the Domestic Violence Unit?

The goals of the Domestic Violence Unit are to:

  1. Assist families in living violence-free lives
  2. Help families achieve economic-self sufficiency safely by integrating domestic violence expertise into the Department of Transitional Assistance.

How can the Domestic Violence Unit help me?

The Domestic Violence specialist acts as a resource for TAFDC workers with their domestic violence cases by providing case consultation and safety assessments. The specialists will help families to advocate within the DTA and other systems, advocate with other agencies, connect to appropriate resources and help with safety planning.

There are some welfare rules which may be waived for victims of domestic violence if complying with the rules may put the client or her family at risk. These include the Work Program, the Time Limit, the Family Cap and the Teen Parent School Attendance requirements. The specialist can assist with applying for a "waiver" of these requirements. The Unit is also a bridge between DTA and other Domestic Violence service providers to assure that there is a coordinated response to these cases.

How do I reach the Domestic Violence specialist?

Each area office is assigned a domestic violence specialist who is available to the office for consultation on domestic violence cases. To speak to the specialist, call the local office and ask to be connected to the domestic violence specialist.

Domestic Violence Brochures in different languages.



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