Pharmacy Facts 15 [12/30/05] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-15.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-15.txt
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Pharmacy Facts 14 [12/29/05] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-14.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-14.txt

  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Prescriber Restrictions

Pharmacy Facts 13 [11/30/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-13.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-13.txt

  • New Pharmacy Web Site
  • 30-Day Supply
  • MassHealth Drug List
  • Update to MassHealth Nonlegend Drug List
  • Provider Continuing Education Events

Pharmacy Facts 12 [11/10/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-12.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-12.txt

  • New Pharmacy Web site
  • Pharmacy Regulations Change
  • Pregnancy
  • Continuing Ed: Medicare Part D

Pharmacy Facts 11 [09/19/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-11.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-11.txt

  • MassHealth Drug List
  • Notification of Updates to the MassHealth Drug List

Pharmacy Facts 10 [09/06/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-10.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-10.txt

  • Hurricane Katrina Refugees

Pharmacy Facts 9 [07/27/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-9.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-9.txt

  • MassHealth Drug List
  • POPS Scheduled Downtime
  • Refill Too Soon
  • Age Restrictions

Pharmacy Facts 8 [04/25/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-8.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-8.txt

  • MassHealth Drug List - Ophthalmic Allergy Products
  • Patient Copayments
  • Patient Location Codes

Pharmacy Facts 7 [02/24/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-7.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-7.txt

  • Members with Limited Coverage and Other Emergency Situations
  • MassHealth Drug List - Topical Antifungal Drugs
  • Claims Pricing
  • Patient Location Codes

Pharmacy Facts 6 [01/05/05\ (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-6.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-6.txt

  • Pharmacy Program Regulations
  • MassHealth Drug List
  • Patient Locations
  • Prescriber DEA Numbers
  • Claims Issue

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