Pharmacy Facts 32 [12/13/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-32.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-32.txt
  • Health Safety Net (HSN) Claims
  • MHDL Update
  • Change in PA Status

Pharmacy Facts 31 [10/01/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-facts-31.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-facts-31.txt

  • Implementation of Tamper-Resistant Prescriptions Delayed

Pharmacy Facts 30 [09/07/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-30.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-30.txt

  • Requirement for Tamper-Resistant, Written Prescriptions

Pharmacy Facts 29 [08/28/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-29.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-29.txt

  • Medicare Part D Reminders
  • Dose Consolidation - Atypical Antipsychotics
  • Prescriber DEA Numbers

Pharmacy Facts 28 [07/02/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-28.pdf
rtf format of                             pharmacy-fact-28.rtf

  • MassHealth Drug List Updates

Pharmacy Facts 27 [4/20/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-27.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-27.txt

  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)
  • MassHealth Drug List Update

Pharmacy Facts 26 [03/08/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-26.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-26.txt

  • Claims Processing
  • MassHealth Drug List Update
  • Change in Prior-Authorization Status

Pharmacy Facts 25 [01/05/07] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-25.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-25.txt

  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Update

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