Pharmacy Facts 47 [12/18/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-47.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-47.txt
  • NewMMIS Update
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Update

Pharmacy Facts 46 [10/08/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-46.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-46.txt

  • Update to MassHealth All Provider Bulletin 173 (March 2008)
  • Implementation Timeline
  • NewMMIS Web Page
  • NewMMIS E-Learning Training Courses

Pharmacy Facts 45 [10/03/2008] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-45.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-45.txt

  • MHDL Update

Pharmacy Facts 44 [09/24/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-44.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-44.txt

  • Update to the Tamper Resistant Prescription Requirement and Computer-Generated Prescriptions

Pharmacy Facts 43 [09/09/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-43.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-43.txt

  • Pharmacy Program Regulations
  • MHDL Reminders
  • NewMMIS Update

Pharmacy Facts 42 [06/25/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-42.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-42.txt

  • MHDL Updates

Pharmacy Facts 41 [06/06/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-41.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-41.txt

  • DME Claims for Enteral-Nutrition Products--Processing Update

Pharmacy Facts 40 [05/13/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-40.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-40.txt

  • MassHealth Prior Authorization (PA) Requests for Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies (DME)
  • DME Prior Authorization Documentation
  • Requesting Prior Authorization Electronically
  • Requesting DME Prior Authorization on Paper
  • Prior Authorization Forms
  • Rates for Payment of DME and Oxygen
  • Submitting Claim for Payment
  • Obtaining Approval from MassHealth to Provide DME or Oxygen Services

Pharmacy Facts 39 [04/30/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-39.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-39.txt

  • Prescriber NPI Requirements

Pharmacy Facts 38 [04/25/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-38.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-38.txt

  • Summary of MassHealth All Provider Bulletin 172

Pharmacy Facts 37 [04/04/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-37.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-37.txt

  • Important Tamper Resistant Prescription Update

Pharmacy Facts 36 [04/02/08] (PDF)  pdf format of pharmacy-fact-36.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-36.txt

  • Claims Processing Update

Pharmacy Facts 35 [03/28/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-35.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-35.txt

  • MHDL Updates

Pharmacy Facts 34 [03/21/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-34.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-34.txt

  • Tamper-Resistant Prescription Requirements

Pharmacy Facts 33 [01/23/08] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-33.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-33.txt

  • MHDL Update
  • Claims-Processing Reminders.

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