Pharmacy Facts 55 [12/28/09] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-55.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-55.txt
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage Update
  • Wellpoint Point-of-Sale Facilitated Enrollment Process to Be Replaced
  • Early Refill Denials
  • Prescriber NPI
  • Pharmacy Facts on the Web

Pharmacy Facts 54 [10/30/09] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-54.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-54.txt

  • Flu Vaccine Update
  • MHDL Update

Pharmacy Facts 53 [09/24/09] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-53.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-53.txt

  • DMEPOS Supplier Accreditation and Surety Bond Requirements

Pharmacy Facts 52 [07/21/09] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-52.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-52.txt

  • Proposed Regulation Changes - Payment Methodology
  • Reminder About Claims Processing When MassHealth is Secondary Insurer
  • MHDL Updates

Pharmacy Facts 51 [05/14/09](PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-51.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-51.txt

  • POPS Scheduled Downtime
  • Pharmacy Payment Cycle
  • Update on NewMMIS Implementation on May 26, 2009
  • NewMMIS POSC Guide for Primary Users
  • Paper Claim Form Changes for Pharmacies Providing DME Services
  • REVS Member Eligibility Changes
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Prior Authorization (PA) Changes in May 2009
  • Changes to the CMS-1500 Billing Guide
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (835 Transactions)

Pharmacy Facts 50 [05/06/09](PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-50.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-50.txt

  • Claims for Secondary Payment for Medicare Part B Covered Items
  • Pharmacy Copayment Poster Updated
  • Invoice Type 9 Adjustments
  • MHDL Update

Pharmacy Facts 49 [04/03/09] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-49.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-49.txt

  • Claims Processing Update

Pharmacy Facts 48 [01/28/09] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-48.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-48.txt

  • Copayment Changes
  • MHDL Updates
  • Important Updates about NewMMIS
  • Provider PIN Registration Letters for NewMMIS

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