Pharmacy Facts 62 [10/29/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-62.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-62.txt
  • MHDL Update

Pharmacy Facts 61 [0/29/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-61.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-61.txt

  • Flu Vaccine
  • Eligibility Verification System
  • Temporary Identification Cards
  • Reminders from MassHealth

Pharmacy Facts 60 [07/30/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-60.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-60.txt

  • MHDL Updates

Pharmacy Facts 59 [06/24/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-59.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-59.txt

  • Copayment Changes
  • Pharmacy Copayment Poster Updated
  • Member Identification (ID) Numbers

Pharmacy Facts 58 [04/28/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-58.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-58.txt

  • MHDL Update

Pharmacy Facts 57 [03/05/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-57.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-57.txt

  • Blood Glucose Test Strip Update
  • MHDL Update

Pharmacy Facts 56 [02/11/10] (PDF) pdf format of pharmacy-fact-56.pdf
txt format of                             pharmacy-fact-56.txt

  • MHDL Updates

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