Certified batterer intervention programs (BIPs) currently operate in every county of Massachusetts. BIPs work to increase the safety of all domestic violence victims. BIPs provide educational groups for batterers to stop their abusive behavior. Batterers are taught about the damaging effects of abuse on victims and children. BIPs also teach batterers to use respectful and non-abusive behaviors with their intimate partners and their children.

Although the two are often confused with one another, certified batterer intervention programs are not the same as anger management programs. Participation in an anger management program is not a substitute for participation in a certified batterer intervention program. Only certified batterer intervention programs focus entirely on domestic violence and intimate partner abuse. In fact, according to state law, "The court shall not order substance abuse or anger management treatment or any other form of treatment as a substitute for certified batterer's intervention" (St.2002 c.184 s.114).

Certified batterer intervention programs provide a range of services to meet the needs of people in their communities, including:

  • slots for low income batterers to attend for free or for as little as $5 per session
  • free services for adolescent male perpetrators of dating/domestic violence
  • services for non-English speaking batterers
  • services for gay or lesbian perpetrators of intimate partner violence

This information is provided by the Violence Prevention and Intervention Services within the Department of Public Health.