MMQ information can be created using software provided by MassHealth or if you are authorized, by using the MMQ batch submission function on the Provider Online Service Center.

Downloading the MMQ:

Please download the file MHMMQInstall30.Exe exe format of mhmmqinstall30.exe file size 3MB to your local drive or to a network drive, or contact MassHealth at the following address:

Casemix Unit,
600 Washington Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

What do I do after I have downloaded the MMQ?

Once the download is complete, run "MHMMQInstall30.Exe" and the installation process will begin.

System failures during the installation process can result in a loss of member data; therefore, it is imperative that you BACK UP YOUR MMQ DATA BEFORE RUNNING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS!

To back up your data, copy the MMQ folder and its contents to some other storage device (the installation default is C:\MMQ). It may be possible to save the MMQ folder and its files to a disc. You can delete the Setup folder within the MMQ folder to reduce the size of the backup.

1. To run "MHMMQInstall30.Exe":

  • Click on the Windows Start button.
  • Click "Run."
  • Click the Browse button.
  • Go to the folder where you downloaded the installation file.
  • Select MHMMQInstall30.Exe and click the Open button.
  • Click the OK button.

2. Once the installation is complete, you can run the MHManagement Minutes Questionnaire:

  • Click on the Windows Start button.
  • Select "Programs."
  • Select "NEWMMQ."
  • Click on "NEWMMQ." (The documentation is in the same folder, so you can open and print a copy of the documentation by clicking on the NEWMMQ Documentation button).

Estimated Download times:

  • v.90 Modem - 50 kbps: 10 minutes
  • v.90 Modem - 40 kbps: 11 minutes, 45 seconds
  • v.90 Modem - 33.6 kbps: 14 minutes, 45 seconds

File size 3.57 megabytes

The installation process will require you to make selections; in every instance, select the default. The default button will be Continue or OK (on one screen, the default is a button on the left side of the window with the image of a computer on it).

Once this is completed, please download the instruction manual for the MMQ (PDF) pdf format of mmq-2.pdf rtf format of mmq-2.rtf file size 5MB .

Using the batch submission function on the MassHealth NewMMIS Provider Online Service Center

  • Log on to the Provider Online Service Center using a valid user ID and password. On the left side of the page under Provider Services, select the "Manage Members" hyperlink, select "Long Term Care" link, and then select "Upload Batch MMQ Files" and follow the instructions on the Web page.
  • Submitters will receive an acknowledgement from the Provider Online Service Center that their batch has been submitted successfully.
  • Submitters must log on to the Provider Online Service Center on the following business day to receive responses to their MMQ submission. The response will include the total number of MMQ records that were processed by NewMMIS and the number of MMQ records that were accepted, rejected, or pended. If a record is rejected or pended, detailed information will be provided in the response to identify the MMQ records and the reasons why the records were rejected or pended.

Still having trouble?

Please call 1-800-841-2900 for more information.

This information is provided by MassHealth.