• American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter/Computer Assisted Realtime Translation (CART) Referral Services (IRIS)

    IRIS coordinates scheduling of ASL interpreters and CART reporters. Service providers request ASL interpreter or CART services on behalf of consumers, while ASL interpreters and CART reporters post availability and apply for open jobs.
  • Common Intake

    Common Intake is an online tool that registered providers can use to submit a single application on behalf of clients for multiple programs and services.
  • Developmental Services Quality Management Reporting

    Providers and staff report and monitor quality management information for services administered by the Department of Developmental Services.
  • i-FamilyNet

    HHS staff and providers use this service to collaborate in treatment planning and referrals for certain children served by HHS including those that are part of the Department of Children and Families' Family Networks.
  • Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Registration Information for Eye Care Providers

  • Provider Data Management

    Purchase of Service providers can monitor, edit, and upload information commonly requested by HHS agencies. The service also provides HHS agencies with a single place to view provider information.
  • Provider Invoicing and Contracts (EIM-ESM)

    Enterprise Invoice/Service Management (EIM/ESM) is an Internet billing and reporting service. It replaces paper-based invoicing and streamlines billing for providers and agencies. In addition, for the Department of Public Health and its providers, EIM/ESM is a single, agency-wide point of client service management.
  • Senior Information Management System (SIMS)

    Aging Services Access points (ASAPs) and other providers serving elders use SIMS to collect data, manage cases, and report services.
  • School Nutrition Program

    The Child Nutrition Programs administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) plays a critical role in ensuring that all children are ready to learn by supporting nutritious meal service in schools, day care centers, family day care homes, residential child care institutions, and summer feeding programs. Massachusetts school districts certify students through the Virtual Gateway for free or reduced price meals.

    For more information, contact the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE).

    The following quick reference guide is intended to assist School District's Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) on the job.