Information and links on this page are designed specifically to help MassHealth Virtual Gateway (VG) Common Intake users understand the implementation of the National Health Care Reform (Affordable Care Act) and how it impacts them. Please check back often as we continue to update this site

Previously Issued ACA Informational Newsletters for Virtual Gateway Users

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) Informational Series for VG users is designed to help MassHealth VG Common Intake users understand the implementation of the ACA.

Previously Issued Massachusetts ACA Learning Series

The purpose of this ACA Learning Series is to educate staff who currently assist Commonwealth Care, Commonwealth Choice, MassHealth, and HSN members at Massachusetts hospitals, health centers, and community-based organizations.

Archived issues can be found on the Massachusetts Health Care Training Forum (MTF) site ( under Meeting Information/Agendas and Presentations.

Training Resources

  • Due to technical issues with call in lines, the live webinar scheduled for October 3, 2013, from 12-2 pm on the Health Insurance Exchange/Integrated Eligibility System (HIX/IES) has been canceled

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