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The Project Office is pleased to announce the release of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Information System (IS) Release 1.1 via the Virtual Gateway. 

MFPIS is available through the EOHHS Virtual Gateway (VG) portal. The VG is a secure, internet portal and only requires a web connection in order to access. Users of the system can access the system from anywhere.

In line with the program strategy to continuously drive improvement, users will shift to an automated approach to entering and managing members through their complete MFP Demonstration lifecycle.  

Benefits of MFPIS Going on the VG …

  • Automate and standardize management of MFP Demonstration enrollment of qualifying members and their transitions from facility settings to community settings.
  • Track Enrollee and Participant events spanning their MFP Demonstration enrollment.
  • Provide more accurate and effective monitoring and tracking of MFP Demonstration enrollees and participants.
  • Streamline updates to MA21.
  • Support and automate required Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) federal reporting.
  • Reduce risk of errors and leverage MFP resources efficiently.

Reference Guides

The following are quick reference guides intended to assist users of the MFP application:


This information is provided by the Virtual Gateway within Health and Human Services.