The Implementation Tools assist and guide refugee service providers in their work with the Massachusetts Refugee Resettlement Program (MRRP)/Wilson/Fish Alternative Project (WFAP). Each of the tools was designed with a separate but complementary purpose and function.

Together, the Implementation Tools offer a complete reference to the regulations, policies and procedures of the MRRP/WFAP:

  • MORI Regulations: MORI Regulations are MORI's sections of the State's administrative law, and offer a legal framework for the MRRP, from which policies and directives are developed.
  • MRRP/WFAP Timelines and Flow Charts: MRRP/WFAP timelines and flow charts offer a graphic and easy-to-follow visual display of important time frames and steps involved in the provision of MRRP benefits and services.
  • Refugee Case Management Manual: The Refugee Case Management Manual details step-by-step the Case Manager's role in the various aspects of providing case management services. The manual addresses the following areas:
    • determining a refugee's eligibility for MRRP benefits and services
    • providing access to, MRRP benefits and services
    • administering Refugee Cash Assistance
    • facilitating the conciliation and sanctioning process when a refugee fails to comply with program requirements
  • MRRP/WFAP Policy Directives: The Policy Directives detail program policy and procedures that are not addressed in the Regulations or the Refugee Case Management Manual. (Many are related to Refugee Employment Services and/or are temporary in nature.)
  • MRRP/WFAP Forms and Notices: The Forms and Notices are the official documents used in the operation of MRRP/WFAP services, as referenced in the Refugee Case Management Manual and the Policy Directives.

For definitions of terms used by the Office for Refugees and Immigrants, please view the Glossary.

This information is provided by the Office for Refugees and Immigrants.