• Childhood lead screening results are currently available in two formats. The first link below provides access to our annual reports providing community level data on childhood lead screening rates and blood lead level statistics, including five-year incidence data for high risk communities. The second link provides access to a customizable query tool, developed as part of the Environmental Public Health Tracking program. The tool produces reports at many geographic levels, including census tract, and enables access to data by sex, by birth cohort or calendar year, by various age categories, and for a number of blood lead level categories.

    Numbers and rates may differ slightly across various data publications. These differences may be due to file updates and differences in test selection methodology.

  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Screening & Blood Lead Level Statistics by Community

  • Childhood Lead Screening Community Progress Report

  • Environmental Public Health Tracking

    Explore and map data on childhood blood lead and other environmental related health outcomes.