• Overview of the DCF Statistical Information

    The Data Management Unit of the Information Technology Division produces the Department of Children and Families' primary analytical and statistical reports. Consumer-specific information is entered into the Department's FamilyNet database by Area, Regional, and Central Office staff. The Data Management Unit accesses this information through a variety of methods to provide internal consulting, data analyses and decision support to various staff of the Department of Children and Families.
  • About FamilyNet

    FamilyNet is a statewide automated child welfare information system that was implemented in February, 1998. This management information system is used for virtually all DCF activities, including intake, investigation, assessment, clinical/case management, adoption, financial, legal and provider services. DCF staff enter information directly into the central FamilyNet database from their desktop computers. The aggregate and consumer-specific data available from this database via reports, extracts, and direct (on-line) access enables DCF to efficiently manage its resources to meet the needs of its clients.
  • Department of Children and Families Quarterly Reports

  • Quarterly/Annual Data Profiles

  • Analysis of Child Fatalities

  • Child Maltreatment Statistics

  • Children Awaiting Resolution and Disposition Data (CARD)