The DCF Child Maltreatment Statistics annual report contains descriptive statistics dealing with reports, screening and investigation decisions, reporting groups, and the characteristics of maltreated children, their mothers, and perpetrators. Separate analyses are presented for each type of maltreatment: neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. To discern trends, selected statistics presented for the most recent calendar year are compared to data from prior years. Principal observations from the analysis are presented in the Executive Summary at the beginning of the report. Although the maltreatment data were mostly analyzed at a statewide level, some statistics are presented at the DCF Regional and Area Office levels. Maltreatment reporting and victimization rates, and associated demographic/socioeconomic factors are provided for selected incorporated cities and towns. These rates are useful for monitoring the incidence and distribution of child maltreatment in Massachusetts.


To obtain Child Fatality Reports for periods prior to those available on the web, please contact:

Phyllis Ward, DCF Librarian
Department of Children and Families
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This information is provided by the Department of Children and Families.