Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Community Living Programs

Year In Review
July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Number of Consumers Served in Community Living Programs

  • Independent Living Centers: 6,195
  • Turning 22 Services: 445
  • Assistive Technology: 682
  • Housing Registry: 365
  • Supported Living Services: 170
  • Brain Injury Services: 1,815
  • Home Care Services: 1,340
  • Protective Services: 393

Services Purchased for Community Living Programs

  • Independent Living Centers: $6,639,954
  • IL Turning 22 Services: $1,393,305
  • Assistive Technology: $1,140,648
  • Housing Registry: $80,000
  • Supported Living Services: $1,501,202
  • Brain Injury Services: $16,071,666
  • Home Care Services: $3,849,147
  • Protective Services: $638,245

Facts at a Glance

"The goal of our services is to promote dignity through employment and community living, one person at a time. We hope that all citizens with disabilities in Massachusetts will have the opportunity to contribute as a productive member of their community and family as a result of services provided by the MRC."
Charles Carr, Commissioner

  • Total consumers actively receiving services: 11,405
  • Total funds expended: $31,314,167
  • Cost per consumer served: $2,746

What our Consumers Say…

"I feel I really changed from the person I used to be when I first came here (SHIP Head Injury Center). I really hated myself and life but look at me now, now life is the best thing…" - SHIP Consumer

"I am impressed with my case manager's ability to advocate on my behalf. Thanks so much for helping me with feelings of self-worth and for consistent support with all the changes and assistance I need." - Home Care Consumer

"Your service has made a tremendous difference in my life and in the way I feel about my disability." - Home Care Consumer

"One of my dreams is to be able to do my graphic work…you have opened that door for me." - SHIP Consumer

"Because of the Home Care Assistance Program, I have experienced improvement in my health and well-being. I am improved with greater confidence and stability each day." - Home Care Consumer


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This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.