Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Year In Review
July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009

3,202 citizens with disabilities have been successfully placed into employment based on their choices, interests, needs and skills.

The earnings of these rehabilitated employees in MA in the first year were $ 56.1 million.

Estimated public benefits savings from people rehabilitated in MA were $24.2 million.

Average Hourly Wage: $12.43

Average Work Hours Weekly: 27.1

*The returns to society based on increases in lifetime earnings range from $14 to $18 for each $1 invested in the MRC Vocational Rehabilitation program.

* $5 is returned to the government in the form of increased taxes and reduced public assistance payments for every $1 invested in the MRC Vocational Rehabilitation program.

* Based on 2004 Commonwealth Corporation Study.

Who Are Our Consumers?

Types of Disabling Conditions:
Psychiatric Disabilities 37.6%
Substance Abuse 10.7%
Orthopedic Disabilities 10.3%
Learning Disabilities 15.7%
Mental Retardation 2.9%
Deaf and Hard of Hearing 5.8%
Neurological Disabilities 2.3%
Traumatic Brain Injury 2.1%
Other Disabilities 12.6%

Average Age: 35
Female: 45.8%
Male: 54.2%
Asian/Pacific Islander: 2.8%
Black: 15.0%
Hispanic: 7.8%
Native American: .8%
White: 73.6%


  • Consumers actively receiving services: 15,235
  • Consumers enrolled in training/education programs: 11,543
  • Consumers with significant disabilities employed: 100% of 3,202
  • Consumers employed with medical insurance: 93.8%
  • Consumers satisfied with services: 84%

What MRC Consumers Have To Say

  • "My counselor treated me with respect and dignity and graciousness at all times. My dislikes and goals were thoroughly considered. I was able to attend the program of my choice. I have obtained a job in the field I most desire."
  • "[The MRC staff] find you the path to your future."
  • "The people at MRC never stop working with you until you are satisfied, finding you a job or anything else. I would continue working with the MRC."
  • "With these services I felt that I was still worth something. It gave me hope and determination not to give up. Now I don't feel alone."
  • "My counselor was the best. She gave me goals and helped me have confidence in what I could do. She listened and had a deep concern to help me do my very best."
  • "The MRC is a terrific service that gave me confidence in the interviewing process by counseling me on interviewing techniques. They work with you to better your resume. When things didn't go well, my counselor was there to encourage me to move on, and she helped me improve my skills.

Welcome to the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

MRC promotes equality, empowerment and productive independence of individuals with disabilities. These goals are achieved through enhancing and encouraging personal choice and risk-taking for independence and employment.

The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission provides comprehensive services to people with disabilities that maximize their quality of life and economic self-sufficiency in the community.

Multiple programs in the MRC work together to help individuals with disabilities. These programs are:
• The Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program
• The Community Living Program and;
• The Disability Determination Services Program.

Charles Carr, Commissioner

This information is provided by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.