There is a fee for each search of the iCORI system. Search results are based on an exact match of the information submitted and the name and date of birth that is maintained in the iCORI database.

Personal, Standard, and Required requests:  $ 25.00 per name

Open Access requests:  $ 50.00 per name

All paper requests must be accompanied by a bank check or money order for the correct amount made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Please ensure that the subject information is accurate. Any improper entry, misspellings, or typographical errors are the responsibility of the submitter. No refunds of CORI fees will be given due to data entry errors on the part of the submitter.

CORI Fee Waivers

The Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) grants CORI fee waivers to organizations which meet all of the following criteria:

1.  The organization must be a not-for-profit entity as defined by 501C(3).

2.  The organization must provide one or more programs or activities for children, for the elderly, and/or for the disabled.

3.  The average annual percentage of volunteers in the organization must be greater than 50.

4.  The average program fee charged by the organization must be less than $300.

Organizations must satisfy all four criteria to qualify for a fee waiver. If you feel your organization meets the qualifications for a fee waiver, please complete the CORI Fee Waiver Request Form available Click Here

Any questions should be directed to the DCJIS at