The Administrative services unit is responsible for the support of the program divisions in four major areas: personnel, fiscal, facilities and technology. This unit handles personnel actions such as hiring, termination, position classification, attendance benefits and appeals; affirmative action and diversity programs; fiscal activities such as budget development and tracking, accounts receivable and accounts payable, purchasing and contracting; facilities matters such as providing a healthy work environment, maintaining facilities and vehicles and other equipment, and construction. The Department of Fire Services ensures equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race,creed, national origin, or sex, in compliance with Title IX, or handicap, in compliance with section 504.

  • Fiscal Affairs manages budgetary and procurement issues for all divisions within the Department of Fire Services
    Main Number(978)567-3130
  • Personnel is responsible for hiring, termination, position classification. attendance benefits and appeals, Check for current job postings.
    Director of Human Resources(978)567-3145
  • Facilities provides a healthy work environment, maintains the facilities, vehicles and other equipment; and is responsible for construction on site.
    Main Number(978)567-3100
    Deputy Director(978)567-3164
    Administrative Coordinator(978)567-3163


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