A person who has been designated by the owner/user of a specified steam plant to either operate that plant, or to operate and have charge of that plant, must submit an application to be examined for a ‘special’ license must hold the appropriate Special Engineer license for that plant.  Such application must indicate if the applicant will be designated as an operator, or as the operator in charge, and must include a written request signed by the owner/user of the plant.  Upon successful examination, and if found to be competent and trustworthy, the applicant shall be granted a license for such service, and no other.  No special license shall be granted to give a person charge of or permission to operate an engine over 50 horsepower, or a boiler or boilers exceeding, in the aggregate, 250 horsepower. This is a five-year license, and there is a six-hour continuing education requirement at the time of renewal.


  • 18 years of age, minimum
  • Written request signed by the owner or user of the plant.

To Apply: