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Here are the Press Releases that are available at this time
Press ReleaseDate
Adopt a Fire Hydrant pdf format of 20101227_storm_hydrants.pdf 12/27/2010
Governor Patrick Presents 21st Annual  pdf format of 20101221_ffoy_2010_p_r.pdf 12/21/2010
Recruit Firefighters Graduate State Firefighting Academy pdf format of 20101217_class_189_grad.pdf 12/17/2010
State Fire Marshal Offers Winter Holiday Safety Tips pdf format of 20101204_winter_holiday_press.pdf 12/14/2010
Candle Safety Awareness Day is Monday, December 13, 2010 pdf format of 20101206_candle_fire_safety_day.pdf 12/06/2010
State Fire Marshal Offers Tips to Keep Warm Keep Safe This Winter pdf format of 20101129_fireplace_safety.pdf 11/29/2010
State Fire Marshal Alerts Public & Retailers on Novelty Lighters Ban pdf format of 20101112_novelty_lighter_ban.pdf 11/10/2010

Attorney General Martha Coakley and State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan Release Findings of Testing of Unoderized Propane Supply in the State pdf format of 20101105_ag_ofm_propane_invest.pdf

State Fire Marshal Reminds People to Change Your clock Change Your Battery pdf format of State Fire Marshal Reminds People to Change... 10/27/2010
State Fire Marshal Launches Fire Prevention Week, October 3-9, 2010 pdf format of 20101001_fpw_p_r.pdf 10/01/2010
Recruit Firefighters Graduate State Firefighting Academy pdf format of 20100924_recruit_188.pdf 09/24/2010
Independent Expert to Test Massachusetts Propane Supply Under Agreement Reached by Attorney General Coakley and State Fire Marshal pdf format of AG, SFM Investigate Lack of Odorant in Propane 09/16/2010
AG, SFM Investigate Lack of Odorant in Propane pdf format of 20100903_propane_press_conference_release.pdf 09/03/2010
Governor Patrick Signs Novelty Lighter Ban pdf format of 20100830_novelty_lighter_ban.pdf 08/30/2010
Fireworks Shooter Loses License for Illegal Show in Marshfield pdf format of 20100714_marshfield_fire_works.pdf 07/14/2010
Class #32 Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Program Graduation pdf format of 20100713_class_32.pdf 07/13/2010
East Fireworks Conference  pdf format of 20100630_fw_conf_east.pdf 06/30/2010
West Fireworks Conference  pdf format of 20100630_west_conf_media_adv.pdf 06/30/2010
Class #31 Call/Volunteer Firefighting Training Program Graduation pdf format of 20100628_class_31.pdf 06/28/2010
Class #187 Recruit Firefighters Graduate State Firefighting Academy pdf format of 20100611_recruit_187.pdf 06/11/2010
Keep Smoking Material Out of Bark Mulch pdf format of 20100526_mulch_fires.pdf 05/26/2010
State Fire Marshal Offers Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips pdf format of Outdoor Grilling Safety 05/17/2010
State Fire Marshal Coan Asks Public to Check for Electrical Hazards May is National Electrical Safety Month pdf format of 20100503_electrical_safety_month.pdf 05/03/2010
Arson Awareness Week, May 2-8, 2010 - Community Arson Prevention pdf format of 20100502_arson_awareness_wk_2010.pdf 05/02/2010
Prevent Out of Control Brush Fires pdf format of Prevent Out of Control Brush Fires 04/05/2010
Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaners and Inspectors Must Now Be State Certified pdf format of 20100310_hood_cleaning_regs.pdf 03/10/2010
Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery on March 14 pdf format of 20100308_chg_y_clk_chg_y_bat.pdf 03/08/2010
Class #186 Recruit Firefighters Graduate State Firefighting Academy pdf format of 20100226_recruit_186.pdf 02/26/2010
Class #29 Call/Volunteer Firefighting Training Program Graduation pdf format of 20100224_class_29_grad.pdf 02/24/2010
Class #30 Call/Volunteer Firefighting Training Program Graduation pdf format of 20100223_class_30_grad.pdf 02/23/2010
Fire Prevention Board Revises Smoke Alarm Regulations pdf format of 20100222_new_smoke_alarm_regs.pdf 02/22/2010
Teens, Fire, Education and Medical Officials Launch Burn Awareness Week - Winners of High School Burn Awareness Video Contest Announced pdf format of 20100208_you_tube_contest.pdf 02/08/2010
State Fire Marshal Announces Burn Awareness Week February 7 - 13, 2010 pdf format of 20100129_burn_awareness_week.pdf 01/29/2010
State Fire Marshal announces a Record Low Number of Civilian Fire Deaths in 2009 pdf format of State Fire Marshal Announces Record Low Number... 01/25/2010
State Fire Marshal and Task Force Launch Home Oxygen Safety Campaign pdf format of 20100121_home_o2.pdf 01/21/2010
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Fire Investigation Press Releases
Press ReleaseDate
Cranwell Resort Carriage House Fire Investigation Focuses on Space Heaters pdf format of fipr_20101230_lenox.pdf 12/30/2010
Yarmouth Bed & Breakfast Fire Under Investigation pdf format of fipr_20101213_yarmouth.pdf 12/13/2010
Sandwich Fire Ruled Arson pdf format of fipr_20101203_sandwich.pdf 12/03/2010
5 Call Firefighters Arrested for Arson pdf format of fipr_20100903_Brimfield_Holland.pdf 09/30/2010
Rockland Man Arrested for Making Explosives pdf format of fipr_20100827_rockland.pdf 08/27/2010
Charges Brought in Stolen Gasoline From Whitman Home pdf format of fipr_20100817_whitman.pdf 08/17/2010
Arrest Made in Granby Arson doc format of fipr_20100803_granby.doc 08/04/2010
Propane Leak Cause of Fatal Norfolk House Explosion pdf format of fipr_20100804_norfolk.pdf 08/04/2010
Menemsha Harbor Update pdf format of fipr_20100713_menemsha_harbor.pdf 07/13/2010
Marlboro Fire Started Inside Commercial Cooking Exhaust System pdf format of fipr_20100707_marlborough.pdf 07/07/2010
Wellesley Fatal Fire Smoking-Related pdf format of fipr_20100621_wellesley.pdf 06/21/2010
Smoking Cause of Taunton Fatal Fire pdf format of fipr_20100614_taunton.pdf 06/14/2010
Ten Year-Old Haverhill Boy Arraigned on Two Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter pdf format of fipr_20100517_haverhill.pdf 05/17/2010
Tractor Malfunction Causes Sudbury Greenhouse Fire pdf format of fipr_20100511_sudbury.pdf 05/11/2010
Medford Man Indicted For 2009 Arson Fire pdf format of fipr_20100421_medford_man_indicted.pdf 04/21/2010
Extension Cord Cause of Malden Fire pdf format of fipr_20100407_malden.pdf 04/07/2010
Update on Onset Warehouse Fire pdf format of fipr_20100401_onset.pdf 04/01/2010

Four Teens Charged with Setting Two Abington Fires pdf format of fipr_20100319_abington.pdf

Conviction for 2008 Brockton Fatal Arson Fire pdf format of fipr_20100310_conviction_brockton_arson.pdf 03/10/2010
Manchester Fire Electrical pdf format of fipr_20100312_manchester.pdf 03/12/2010
Arrests Made in Weymouth Arson Fires pdf format of fipr_20100208_weymouth.pdf 02/08/2010
Waltham Fire Started During Utility Meter Change pdf format of fipr_20100121_waltham.pdf 01/21/2010
Cause Determined in West Cummington Congregational Church Fire pdf format of fipr_20100119_west_cummington.pdf 01/19/2010
Spencer - Two Found Dead in Fire; Apparent Murder-Suicide pdf format of fipr_20100114_spencer.pdf 01/14/2010
Smoking on Home Oxygen Cause of Whitman Fatal Fire pdf format of fipr_20100113_whitman.pdf 01/13/2010
Malden Fire Electrical pdf format of fipr_20100112_malden.pdf 01/12/2010
Gasoline Vapors Ignited by Furnace Cause of Ware New Year's Eve Fatal Fire pdf format of fipr_20100107_ware.pdf 01/07/2010
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