For Immediate Release - May 16, 2013

Minuteman High School Students Build Training Prop at Mass. Firefighting Academy

Students from the Lexington-based Minuteman High School have spent the past year building a search and rescue prop for firefighters who train at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy (MFA), located at the Department of Fire Services in Stow. Under the watchful eye of their instructors, they have honed their practical skills as they learn their building trades.

State Fire Marshal said at the official dedication of the training prop, “This has been an excellent partnership between the school and the firefighting academy. This new training prop reflects our continuing commitment to firefighter safety and provides a new opportunity that enhances our ability to reduce the risk of an inherently dangerous profession through rigorous skill development.”

“Minuteman High School is extremely pleased to partner with the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services on this search and rescue training prop,” said Ernest F. Houle, principal of Minuteman. “We are also proud of the quality of the work done by Mr. Chris Traganos and his carpentry students. In addition, we are always excited about showcasing the skills and knowledge of our students that are gained from a career and technical education, and through community projects that have long-lasting, positive impacts. In this case, the impact will be recognized statewide through this use of this training facility,” he added.

Sixteen juniors, seniors and post-graduate students were involved in building a small replica house in the drill yard of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. “This is a totally unique training tool that allows firefighters from across the Commonwealth to train and practice rescuing people and trapped firefighters in very realistic conditions,” said MFA Director Edmund Walker. “Having a training prop dedicated to practicing this skill, will allow us to increase other types of training including live fire training,” he added.

Photos of Construction
To see photos of the construction of the prop, go to the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Facebook page and click on photo albums, or from our website click on the DFS on Facebook link. You do not have to have a Facebook account to see our Facebook page.