photo of main entrance of DFS HQ

On June 11, 2011, Governor Deval Patrick dedicated the Department of Fire Services’ newly expanded and renovated headquarters and fire training facility in Stow. The facility completed a 3-year, $43.5 million capital construction project that provided a permanent home for Department of Fire Services staff. The agency was created in 1996 when several fire agencies were combined.





Main Administration Building (40,350 Sq. Ft.) 

photo of meeting room

The new DFS building provides office space for the Executive Office, the Fire Safety Division, the Massachusetts State Police Fire & Explosives Investigation Unit, the Hazardous Materials Response Unit the Special Operations Unit, and other agency-wide administrative support personnel in fiscal, human resources, information technology and facilities. The Boards and Commissions room and several smaller conference rooms are also located in this building.




Main Entrance and “The Link”

photo of link that connects buildings

The “Link” connects the Administration building to the Firefighting Academy building. It is home to our main entrance reception area, the cafeteria and a classroom that seats 120. The glass walls provide a view of firefighters training in the drill yard. The Memorial Walk is also in the link with remembrances of fires where Massachusetts firefighters gave their lives in service of others. 


Firefighting Academy Building (36,767 Sq. Ft.)

The Firefighting Academy building houses Mass. Firefighting Academy administration staff, five classrooms (two classrooms that seat 24, two classrooms that seat 50, and one classroom that seats 72 theater-style), and the computer lab. There are also locker rooms for staff and students, a storage area for turnout gear, the first aid room, and a physical training area for staff and students.


Fire Station (24,431 Sq. Ft.) 

fire station

The new fire station houses seven pieces of fire apparatus: (four 1,250 GPM combination pumping engines, one tanker/pumper, one 105’ "Quint" aerial ladder with pump and one 95’ aerial platform), Special Operations vehicles, a vehicle maintenance shop and the “crib room” that supplies gear to students and instructors. 





Warehouse Facility (11,596 Sq. Ft.)

This new building houses the print shop, engineering maintenance shop, welding shop, hazardous materials meter shop, high bay storage area, the mail room and shipping and receiving.


Training Drill Yard

Drill Yard

More than 200,000 square feet of paved training area. In addition to the Live Fire Training Building and the Training Tower, it also contains an outdoor classroom, Dumpster/Rack prop, vehicle extrication training area, Flashover Simulator prop, Car Fire prop, extinguisher area, Fire Investigation prop, Roof prop, Search and Rescue prop, Confined Space Rescue prop, Drafting Pit and a Water Recovery and Treatment System.

Live Fire Training Building

The 4-story, 17-room Live Fire Training Building (called the burn building for short)is specially constructed to allow repeated live fire training evolutions without structural damage to the facility. Structural firefighting classes are conducted in this building to allow students to gain experience under actual live fire conditions. The Draeger Maze, used to train firefighters to do search and rescue, is also in this building.


Photo of six story training tower with an external stairwell

Training Tower

A 6-story structure used for ladder, stair, hose and rope training. It contains sprinkler and standpipe system, a stairwell pressure/purge ventilation system, rappel bollards and a fire escape. Each room in the tower is configured to be slightly different from the others to provide a variety of training challenges. The Sprinkler Lab is housed on the first floor of the training tower and contains three complete working riser systems, a fire department connection and a sprinkler head demonstration enclosure.  


Confined Space Training Prop

The Confined Space Training Prop is a realistic cable vault with a manhole, window and safety access door.

Search and Rescue House (1,200 Sq. Ft.)

This “house” was built by Minuteman High School students and staff in 2012-2013. It allows firefighters to practice searching for and rescuing victims facing typical real-world hazards.

Water Recovery and Treatment System

Inasmuch as the use of water is a major part of our training, we are continuing with our recycling efforts with a water recovery and treatment system that is capable of capturing, treating and recycling up to 75 percent of the water used for training.

Drafting Pit

19,000 gallons water, dry hydrant, surface hatch, stream collector and fixed deck gun.

Flammable Gas Training Area 

Photo of Gas School with yellow flames in front of a large rock wall

The Flammable Gas Training area (called the “Gas School” for short) provides an opportunity for students to be exposed to firefighting techniques involving three types of flammable and/or cryogenic liquids or gases. It has 16 different training props, a command and safety tower, a 2,200 gallons per minute high pressure water supply and water recycling system.





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