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    "In recent weeks, incidents involving confined space rescues in both Ohio and Indiana left the initial civilian victims dead and firefighters critically injured. In both cases, while heroic attempts were made to save the victims, Firefighters ended up becoming victims themselves", Chief Billy Goldfeder, chairman of the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section. -- The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) through the Safety, Health and Survival Section (along with partnering fire service organizations) are urging all fire chiefs and fire/EMS officers to immediately issue a stand down in their departments due to two separate, but similar confined space rescue incidents that nearly took the lives of several Firefighters. During a stand down, personnel are directed to postpone non-emergency tasks to focus on related critical safety training.
  • USFA Coffee Break Training for Fire and Building Inspectors

    Fire and building inspectors with busy daily schedules often don't have time to attend valuable skill-enhancing training sessions, so the United States Fire Administration (USFA) is providing Coffee Break Training bulletins for you to read and enjoy during your daily break.
  • Are Children Sleeping Through Smoke Alarms?

    Recent TV reports and newspaper articles have raised public anxiety about smoke alarms questioning whether children will awaken from sleep when smoke alarms activate and take appropriate actions, such as crawling under smoke and exiting the home, in the event of smoke or fire. Unfortunately viewers may draw the wrong conclusion that smoke alarms will not wake the household in an emergency.<> <> Drills Help You Adjust Individual Family Escape Plans - If a child does not wake up to the sound of the smoke alarm, or needs help escaping for any reason, the time to find out is during the home fire drill, not during an actual fire emergency. Just as a family's plan will include how to assist babies or physically or mentally challenged children in escaping, children who do not awake to the sound of the smoke alarm may need adult assistance in escaping. More ...