• Activation of Emergency Resources

  • Fire & Explosion Investigation Section

    Specially trained Massachusetts State Police detectives have functioned as State Fire Marshal investigators for more than fifty years. Over the past few years significant changes have been made to the Fire & Explosion Investigation Unit's staff, structure, working protocol, and investigative resources. - Specialized Juvenile Firesetters Intervention Programs and Resources
  • Incident / Operational Support Services to Assist Local Departments  pdf format of Incident / Operational Support Services to...
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    PowerPoint presentation highlighting the incident / operational support services that the Department of Fire Services has available to assist local departments.
  • Hazardous Materials Response (DFS)

    The Regional Hazardous Materials Response Program is an innovative response system designed to provide specialized response of personnel and equipment to the 351 communities of the Commonwealth, to enable them to protect the public, the environment, and property during incidents involving a release or potential release of hazardous materials.
  • Special Operations

    Our Mission is to promote and deliver exceptional operational support to the operations of the Fire Service within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by providing professional, efficient, high quality support services to the local incident commander in a timely and proactive manner.
  • Technical Rescue Awareness: Local Team Capabilities  pdf format of Technical Rescue Awareness: Local Team Capabilities
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    The Fire Chiefs’ Association of Mass. (FCAM) and the Department of Fire Services are working together to develop, train and equip a statewide network of regional Technical Rescue Teams. This presentation provides an overview of the capabilities of the regional teams, the areas they are trained in, and how to activate the regional or a specialty team. Technical rescue covers: rope rescue, trench rescue, response to structural collapse, confined space rescue and dive teams. Specialties include swift water, surf, tunnel rescue, wildland search and rescue and vehicle and machinery rescue.

  • National Incident Management System (DFS)

    The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services (DFS) will establish a strategic plan designed, developed, and implemented in a phased approach for training programs to meet compliance initiatives with respect to the NIMS requirements that will assist in enhancing state and local emergency response capabilities.
  • Propane Emergency Response Plan/Guide for New England  pdf format of Propane Emergency Response Plan/Guide for New...
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    The Propane Gas Association of New England Emergency Response Plan / Guide and Class Room Training Program has been developed and implemented to deal with the problems of incidents involving propane (a hazardous material). In particular, the problems which occur when propane is accidentally released, either through human error, transportation accident, process up-set, fire, or explosion.
  • Homeland Security Information Network

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