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Fire Investigation Guidelines pdf format of fs_fire_investigation_guidlines.pdf

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Current and Past Issues FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin:

Statement Analysis
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(page 9 detecting deception piece)
(juvenile arson piece page #1)
(article on active listening skills)
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(article on autism page #21)
page 1 rapport building
(page 1 child pornography cases-successful interview strategy)
(documenting a confession)
(reducing a suspects' resistance to confessing)
Words that leave interview clues p1
Text Bridges and Micro Action Expressions p20
The art of investigative interviewing Countering the lies of Omission p10
The structured investigative interview
The use of digital photography
Using an electronic recorder to document an interview

The following articles are posted on

TRUE CRIMES, FALSE CONFESSIONS by Saul M. Kassin and Gisli H. Gudjonsson
  • Go to: then type in the search box: True Crimes False Confessions >> Click on SEARCH >> Click on: True Crimes, False Confessions


Stand Alone Articles and Information

Ten Steps To Building Rapport doc format of 10_steps_tobuilding_rapport.doc

Interview Work Preferences doc format of interview_work_preferences.doc

Witness Information Sheet doc format of witness_info_sheet.doc


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