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The Fire & Explosive Investigation Section consists of thirty-one Massachusetts State Police officers who make up the Fire Investigation Unit and the State Police Bomb Squad. Each unit has a self-contained command and control structure and a specific jurisdiction to serve. Many of the investigators have been cross-trained to assist the other sections in time of need.

Specially trained Massachusetts State Police detectives have functioned as State Fire Marshal investigators for more than fifty years. The Fire Investigation Unit has 17 members assigned to four regional teams: North, South Central and West. This includes six nationally certified accelerant detection canine teams (handlers and dogs).

By law, the local fire department is responsible for determining the origin and cause of each fire or explosion in its jurisdiction. The State Fire Marshal is mandated to investigate fires and explosions where local fire authorities are unable to determine the cause, where a violation of law exists, or when the fire or explosion is or may be incendiary nature.

The Fire Investigation Unit uses a witness-driven protocol based on the National Fire Protection Association Standard (NFPA) 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations. Key to the protocol is a team concept of fire investigation where local fire and police, state police and sometimes federal investigators work together. 

Photo of a two story stucture where the wall has collapsedd

The State Police Bomb Squad has 11 bomb technicians, including seven nationally certified explosive detection canine teams (dogs and handlers). These teams are deployed regionally across the state. The F&EIS has many specialized resources available to assist municipal fire and police to conduct fire or explosion investigations. The state’s Bomb Squad has always been in the State Fire Marshals’ office, but has grown from two civilians to the 11 specially trained State Police officers today.

The office for the Fire & Explosion Investigation Section is located in the Department of Fire Services, State Road, Stow, MA 01775.

Contact the Fire and Explosion Investigation Section
24-Hour Emergency Activation pdf format of fiu_activation.pdf
: 508-820-2121
Business Hours: 978- 567-3310
Arson Hotline: 1-800-682-9229
Main Fax: 978-567-3119 

Bomb/IED Awareness & Central Massachusetts Response Capabilities Symposium  pdf format of Bomb/IED Awareness & Central Massachusetts Response...

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On June 18, 2014, the Central Massachusetts Homeland Security Advisory Council, Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, and Worcester Police Department K-9 Unit are hosting a Bomb/IED Awareness and Central Mass Response Capabilities Symposium. This six-hour program will cover the following: Unattended vs. Suspicious Package Response, Response to IED’s, Response to Drug Labs, Providing Protection at Public Events, Explosive Ordnance Detection, Capabilities in Central Mass, EMS Response to Bombing Incidents, Blast Injuries, and 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing Debrief/After Action Report. Register through the MFA by June 13, 2014.

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