A standardized program for training, using the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, private industries, and local resources was established. Standard Operating Guidelines have been created to provide standardized response techniques, team management, and safety of the team members. A "System Approach" has been established for the response and mitigation of incidents through a unified command system. 

Photo of two hazmat technicians wearing blue fully enclosed protective suits with self contained breathing apparatus examining potentially hazardous products.

As with all fire suppression incidents, the Incident Command System is utilized. The Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Program has taken that concept one step further. The Unified Command System is now able to provide the most comprehensive, safest and efficient response to the mitigation of all hazardous material incidents. This was established through the cooperation of many Federal and State agencies as well as private industries that are capable of providing a vast array of resources to assist in reaching the main goal of this program. The system not only provides for public safety and the safety of the firefighter, but, through the effectiveness of this program the expeditious mitigation and remediation of all incidents will also ensure the least possible impact on the environment.