Firefighter of the Year Award Recipients List (2008) (<Ctrl>< f > to search)

Medal of Honor

Boston Fire Department
FF Paul J. Cahill
FF Warren J. Payne
Trapped in restaurant grease fire

Fire Firefighter Warren Payne served with distinction in the Boston Fire Department for 23 years before his life was cut short as he battled a deadly restaurant fire. He was a loving son, brother, and father of two. Each day, his family experiences the painful loss of Firefighter Payne.

Firefighter Paul Cahill also worked for the Boston Fire Department serving the public for 15 years in a job he loved. Sadly, he also lost his life fighting the same restaurant fire that claimed Firefighter Payne. Cahill left behind his wife Anne and their three children when he didn't return home from his last call.

The dangers and responsibilities inherent in the job of a firefighter were always foremost in the minds of these men, though they proudly and without hesitation answered the bell to protect the citizens of their city.

Medal of Valor
Brookline Fire Department
Lt. Paul R. Pender
Acting Lt. Gerald J. Murphy
FF Frederick C. Johnston
Rescued FF trapped in building under collapse of second floor ceiling
On April 16, the Brookline Fire Department responded to a building fire on Harrison Street, where a resident who uses a wheelchair was reported trapped on the second floor. Firefighters advanced hose lines and began searching the second floor. The situation quickly went from bad to worse, and a back draft collapsed the second story ceilings. Firefighter Stephen Nelson was knocked down, lost his face piece and was partially buried beneath debris. Acting Lieutenant Gerald Murphy had been blown down the stairs by the back draft. Even so, he immediately crawled up the stairs and advanced into the fire. Upon hearing of their trapped comrade, Lieutenant Paul Pender and Firefighter Frederick Johnston rushed up the stairs without hesitation or concern for their own safety. The three men located Firefighter Nelson and brought him to safety.
Fall River Fire Department

Lt. Daniel Santry
Firefighter George Eonas
Responding to a structure fire at housing, rescued 2 children on 2 nd floor

(See description of Fall River Group Award)

On October 25, 2007, the Fall River Fire Department responded to a structure fire at a local housing development. Although the efforts were successful due to the cohesiveness of a team effort, the courage and tenacity of Lieutenant Michael Cabral to enter the burning building for a second time to rescue the trapped child deserves special recognition. Without consideration for his own safety, Lieutenant Cabral entered the building several times without the protection of an attack line. The time that it would have taken to get the line to the bedroom was too long, and his primary concern was saving the lives of these two children. He knew that every second was critical. Lt. Cabral showed extreme bravery as he sought and found two children in total darkness, under high heat, and pressing fire conditions.

Milton Fire Department

FF Antonio PickensStruck by drunken driver while assisting at a car accident

Antonio "Tony" Pickens is a proud twelve-year veteran of the Milton Fire Department. On January 30, 2007, he was first to respond to a motor vehicle accident across the street from the fire station. As Firefighter Pickens assisted the accident victim, he was, himself, struck by drunk driver. Firefighter Pickens suffered massive trauma to his body and head and has endured a year and a half of intense therapy.

Firefighters from across the country have come to the aid of their injured brother and his family to help with medical expenses and equipment to outfit his home so Tony can continue his rehabilitation at home.

Firefighters take to heart the well being of others, very often risking their own lives while doing so. It was in this noble tradition that Antonio Pickens responded to help someone and was critically injured while doing so.

Saugus Fire Department

FF William Cross III
Captain Thomas R. Nolan
Saved double amputee

(See summary of Group Award for Saugus Fire)

On April 24, 2008, a horrific fire in a Saugus three-decker apartment building trapped two handicapped residents on upper floors.

Captain Thomas Nolan arrived on the scene without turnout gear, yet he raced to the second floor to rescue a double amputee woman trapped there. She had no wheelchair, so he began dragging her out but fire and smoke forced them back to the bedroom. He sounded a mayday for a victim and a fire officer trapped in the burning building.

That's when Firefighter William Cross, off duty, dressed only in a T-shirt and shorts, without hesitation climbed the ladder and entered the bedroom where Capt. Nolan and the female victim were trapped. Firefighter Cross then helped lift the victim through the window to waiting firefighters who carried both the victim and Captain Nolan down the ladder to safety.

Later, the victim reported that when Captain Nolan covered her with a blanket in the burning bedroom, she told him, "Leave me here and get yourself out," but Captain Nolan calmly reassured her that, they would both getting out alive. And they did.


Community Service Award

Beverly Fire Department

Captain Peter O'ConnorTraining officer, PIO, certified child safety seat technician, dive team member

As a certified Public Safety Educator, Captain Peter O'Connor speaks to public groups such as children and seniors spreading the word on fire safety and saving lives through fire prevention. Captain O'Connor joined the Beverly Fire Department ten years ago, performing with excellence and advancing quickly through the ranks. He serves as Training Officer and Department Safety Officer, overseeing the safety of all members at fire scenes. In addition, Captain O'Connor performs the Public Information Officer duties, writing and distributing the department's newsletter. He oversees grant applications and has secured numerous awards for the department. O'Connor is a member of the Dive Rescue Team, has competed in the regional Firefighter Combat Challenge and qualified for the national event in Las Vegas.

Individual Citations

Boston Fire Department

FF Leamon R. MillerSaved 2 year old through a ladder rescue from 3rd floor
On November 12 th, a fast moving fire had engulfed all floors of a three-decker home on Blue Hill Avenue. When firefighter arrived on the scene, he observed heavy fire conditions on all three floors. He donned his mask, entered the building and fought through the extreme heat and smoke to the third floor. While searching the third floor, Firefighter Miller heard a faint cry, and continued his search at great personal risk until he found a two-year-old child perched on top of a bed. Firefighter Miller immediately removed his facemask and placed it over the child's mouth. He carried the child to the window, where firefighters from Ladder Company 6 were waiting. Firefighter Miller passed the child through the window so that she could be brought to safety. Thanks to Leamon Miller's courage, professionalism and determination, this child was saved from more serious injuries and perhaps even death.

Falmouth Fire Department

FF Christopher BrownFF's attempted rescue of victim in attic without ventilation
On May 17, the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department responded to a fire with the possibility of a construction worker trapped in the attic. While his partner on the engine company was securing a water source and attempting to advance a line, Firefighter Brown entered the house and moved toward the attic to evaluate conditions and initiate a rescue attempt. Without delay, faced by conditions viewed as untenable, without the assistance of ventilation, a hose line or a partner, FF Brown made the decision to enter the attic to attempt a rescue. With superheated temperatures, zero visibility with smoke banking down to the second floor, Firefighter Brown followed the workers' hose line to the opposite side of the attic, locating the victim. Firefighter Brown proceeded to navigate the unconscious victim back to the attic hatch opening and then to fellow firefighters, who assisted in lowering the victim from the second floor and out of the fire building.

Gloucester Fire Department

FF Marc NicastroResponded to a 5-story fire rescued 25 people
(See narrative under group citation)

Hull Fire Department

Deputy Chief Christopher Russo
FF John "Jay" King
Saved 5 kayakers from drowning

Firefighters put their lives at risk every time they report for duty. Occasionally an incident is so unusually dangerous the public takes notice of the danger and heroism that is "all in a day's work" for a firefighter. Such an incident occurred in Hull on the second of September 2007 when Firefighter John Jay King responded to the call at the Weir River Bridge. Onlookers told him that 5 kayakers had been swept into the culvert by the churning water, and one was close to drowning. Without regard for his personal safety, Firefighter King, without a safety line or personal floatation device, jumped into the river to begin the rescue.

The on duty shift of the Hull fire department arrived under the command of acting Deputy Chief Christopher J. Russo and deployed ladders and safety ropes. Deputy Russo directed the rescue and reassured those in danger they would all be rescued. Meanwhile, Firefighter King was securing a young woman who was trapped against the sluiceway gate. The rushing tide was rising quickly, and soon there would be no breathing room inside the culvert. Deputy Chief Russo passed flotation devices to the kayakers trapped in the culvert and helped rescue them all. Firefighter King, the first man on the scene, was the last one to leave his position. Deputy Fire Chief Russo and Firefighter King saved the lives of five people that day and millions on television stations later saw the rescue across the country.

Saugus Fire Department

Captain Donald Shea
FF Jeffrey Moses (off duty)
Saved person with physical disability

(See narrative under group citation)

Swampscott Fire Department

FF Robert F. RandallCarried women out of burning house

On the night of June 26, the Swampscott Fire Department was called to a house fire on Forest Avenue. The police officers on the scene told firefighter Robert Randall that an elderly woman, Barbara Townsend, was trapped in the rear of the building. The heat and smoke were so intense that police could not stand in front of the building. Despite the intense conditions, Firefighter Randall entered the home and crawled through the smoke and darkness. He conducted the search on his stomach, fighting his way toward the back of the house where the entrapped woman was located. Firefighter Randall immediately removed his mask and gave the woman air to breathe. With just moments to spare, he picked up Barbara Townsend and using his body to protect her from the extreme heat, he rushed for the door. Barbara Townsend's granddaughter summed it up best in a handmade card she sent to Firefighter Randall: "You risked your life in order to save someone you did not even know".

Group Citations

Gloucester Fire Department


Deputy Chief Stephen Aiello
Captain Barry Aptt
Captain Robert Fuller
FF Linda Henry
FF Sean Thistle
FF Michael Sonia
FF David Lovett
FF Marc Nicastro
FF James Capillo
FF James Hannon
FF Jeffrey Pool
FF Jay Prince
FF Douglas MacArthur
FF Brian McKinnon
FF Thomas Sayess
Rescued 25 people from a 5 story building fire, losing one life in extreme cold and wind

At 11:45 p.m. on December 14, 2007 the temperature was freezing and a steady 16 mile-per-hour wind made conditions even more extreme. Firefighter Marc Nicastro and three members of Engine 4 responded to a report of a smoke detector sounding at a 27-unit apartment complex on Middle Street. No one had reported seeing any smoke or fire.

Engine 4 discovered fire in a bottom floor apartment, and it quickly spread through the entire building. Most of the residents had ignored the alarm and were still in their apartments. Search and rescue operations were started immediately.

As their air bottles were emptying and firefighters were being ordered out, a report came of a man trapped in his 3 rd floor apartment. Fire in the floor, walls and ceiling of the 3 rd floor hallway made an interior rescue impossible.

Firefighter Nicastro climbed a 35-foot ladder to the window where the victim was last seen calling for help. He reached inside and grabbed the unconscious man and pulled him to the window but was unable to move him. Firefighter Nicastro then went through the window, but still could not move the man and was almost trapped himself. Soon after, the entire building collapsed. The 8-alarm fire devastated a large part of a city block and took one life. It was the largest fire to strike the community in over 30 years.

Thanks to the heroism of Group 2, working against the odds and the elements, 20 lives were saved. The synagogue was destroyed, the library saved but there was significant extension of fire.

Hyannis Fire-Rescue Department

Lt. Thomas Kenney
Lt. Richard Knowlton
Lt. William Rex
FF/EMT Barry Pina
FF/Master Mechanic Richard Randall
FF/EMT Gregory Dardia
FF/Paramedic Brian Lawrence
FF/EMS Supervisor Michael Medeiros
FF/EMT John Dailey
FF/EMT Richard Alger
C-O-MM Fire Dept. Master Mechanic David Scott
Responded to a women trapped in a folding machine at a commercial laundry

It was a hot day in June, when the Hyannis Fire-Rescue received a 911 call reporting a female trapped in a machine at the All Seasons Laundry. The ambulance and heavy rescue crews quickly responded. The EMT's and paramedics began emergency medical care to the patient, while simultaneously ensuring that the machine was locked out and directing all non-fire personnel away from the rescue area.

Due to a language barrier, the efforts to control the scene were initially very difficult. Lieutenant Knowlton and his crew of Lieutenants Rex and Kenny and Firefighter Dardia launched the rescue operation. They found the victim's left arm entangled in a large commercial folding machine.

The woman's arm was pinned between two rollers and appeared to be fractured in numerous places. The men worked to carefully lift the patient, relieving stress and comforting her while master mechanics Richard Randall and David Scott assisted with the extrication operations.

Fall River Fire Department

*Lt. Michael Cabral (Valor)
FF Glen Golden
Aide to the District Chief , FF Paul Jennings
Lt. David Defaria
Lt. Daniel Gerling
Rescued two children at multifamily structure fire

On October 25, 2007, the Fall River Fire Department responded to a fire at a local housing development. Upon arrival, smoke was showing from the second floor and occupants reported two children trapped in the bedroom adjacent to the room on fire. Lieutenant Glen Golden stretched an attack line for Lt. Michael Cabral to make his way to the second floor to conduct a search for the children. He encountered heat and heavy smoke with no visibility but made his way into the bedroom and began a thorough search for the victims. Within a short time, he found the first, a three-year-old boy, and swiftly brought him to Lt. Dan Gerling who revived the unconscious child with CPR. Lt. Cabral then re-entered the building and made a second rescue finding a nine-year-old girl wedged between the wall and the box spring. Lt. David Defaria carried the girl outside and the young girl was given CPR by Aide Jennings. The actions of Lt. David Defaria, Lt. Daniel Gerling, Firefighter Glen Golden, and Chief's Aide Paul Jennings, all displayed a remarkable ability to work together, which inevitably lead to saving the lives of two young children.

Rockland Fire Department

Deputy Bill Ferguson
FF Lt. Donald Hussey
FF/Paramedic Tom Heaney
FF/Paramedic Mike Tracey
FF/Paramedic Tom Henderson
FF/EMT Michael Mullen
Propane gas tank exploded in oven female victim recovered in bedroom

On January 23, 2008, the Rockland Fire Department responds to a Centre Avenue house fire. Lt. Donald Hussey and firefighters Tom Heaney and Mike Tracy were the first on the scene and entered the house through a rear kitchen door. Seconds later, a ball of fire filled the room. A propane bottle placed in the oven exploded engulfing Lt. Hussey and FF Heaney in flames and trapping FF Tracy in the bathroom. With Lt. Hussey and FF Heaney attacking the fire with a hose line, FF Tracy was able to jump out a window to avoid the flames. The firefighters then regrouped and continued to fight the fire. They went back into house where they found an unconscious victim in the upstairs bedroom, and pulled her safely from the building. Paramedics began life saving procedures and transported her to the Brockton hospital. Three of the firefighters were also taken in for evaluation and released.

Saugus Fire Department

Captain Donald McQuaid
Capt. Thomas Nolan
Capt. Donald Shea
Lt. Christopher Pozark
Lt. Kevin McDermott
FF Jeffrey Moses
FF Damian Drella
FF Brian O'Neil
Fire Alarm Operator , Christopher Palamara
FF Paul Penachio
FF Mark Gannon
FF Christopher Vinard
FF Stephen Rea
FF Matthew Fowler
FF William Cross III
Three decker building fire, rescued two victims including one disabled on the second floor, through a broken window and one fire captain.

On April 24, 2008, Firefighter Jeff Moses was off duty when he smelled smoke nearby. He investigated and discovered a fire on the 2nd floor of a three-decker home. He called in the fire, and then began alerting and evacuating residents. One resident, suffering from a traumatic brain injury and diminished capacity, kept re-entering the building, until Firefighter Moses removed him and placed him safely in the care of neighbors. This move likely saved the man's life. Captain Tom Nolan travelling nearby, heard the alarm and rushed to the scene less than a block away. He forced entry to the second floor, at which time the windows blew in and wind drove the fire through the apartment.

Captain Nolan then passed the fire and searched for the handicapped female. Once he discovered the victim, he attempted to drag her down the hallway but due to the rapidly deteriorating fire conditions, needed to drag her back to the bedroom and declared a mayday over his radio. Captain Donald Shea received the MAYDAY, and focused on rescuing Captain Nolan and the victim. Drastically undermanned, before mutual aid arrived, he enlisted the aid of bystanders to deploy ladders to the trapped firefighter and victim. Scrambling up a hastily thrown ladder, he saw that Captain Nolan was suffering from smoke inhalation and exhaustion and he immediately requested help.

With the assistance of Firefighter Brian O'Neil and Lt. Kevin McDermott, on a second ladder, the woman was pulled through the window, followed by Firefighters William Cross, O'Neil and Captain Nolan. A dramatic rescue like this is made not by any one individual, but as a result of a coordinated effort executed by all of the Saugus firefighters who operated at that alarm. Three lives were saved that day-those of a person on the third floor with a brain injury, a person on the second floor who is a double amputee, and Captain Nolan. It should also be noted that a second 3-alarm fire was also burning in Saugus at the same time.

Stoughton Fire Department

Captain Donald Jasmin
Captain James Bertram
Lt. Kevin Hunt
Lt. William Carriero
Lt. James Curtain
FF/EMT-P James Brackett
FF/EMT-P Paul McCafferty
FF/EMT-P Kurt Weiland
FF/EMT-P Jay McNamara
FF/EMT James Campbell
FF/EMT Patrick Doherty
FF/EMT James Rush
FF/EMT John DeAndrade
Dispatcher, Michael Dillon
Stoughton Fire Department off-duty personnel
Responded to a worker trapped under a slab of concrete

On November 2, 2007, dispatch received a call for medical assistance at an excavation site. Upon arrival, Captain Donald Jasmin and Captain James Bertram found that the situation was far worse than they had feared.

The victim was trapped three feet deep, in a seated position, pinned against the wall of an excavation, under a one-and-a-half ton concrete slab. Paramedics immediately began patient assessment, while the first arriving Engine Company began the extrication, using all tools at their disposal - including air bags, Jaws of Life, and even hand digging to allow the victim to breathe.

After working for an hour and a half, the victim was extricated and transported by med-flight to Boston for care and treatment.

As a result of the professional work, experience and determination to succeed, the victim received only non-life threatening injuries and was released a few days after the event.

Fire Marshal's Award

James ShannonPresident and CEO of the National Fire Protection Association

Smoking is the leading cause of fatal fires nationally and here in Massachusetts. Reacting to the tragic fire that killed six members of the Kearney-O'Neill family in his district, former Congressman Joseph Moakley launched an effort to pass federal fire-safe cigarette legislation in the 1970s and 80s as a way to reduce these horrible tragedies.

A former congressional colleague of his, James M. Shannon, now president of the National Fire Protection Association, took up that cause and coordinated the work of the Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes™.

The Coalition was instrumental in passage of the Fire Safe Cigarette law here in Massachusetts and in 34 other states. Soon more than 80% of the nation's people will be protected by similar legislation. This will have an impact on reducing the number of people who die in fires in the Commonwealth each year. Congressman Moakley would be proud.

Norman Knight
Capt. Robert McCarthy
Lt. Kenneth Donnelly
Chief Thomas Garrity
FF A. Michael Mullane
Capt. Michael McCullough
Board of Directors, Massachusetts Fallen Firefighters Memorial

For decades the Massachusetts Fire Service dreamed of having a Memorial, a place honoring the courage and bravery of our fallen firefighters and all firefighters who have given a lifetime of service. In 2007 this dream was realized after years of work by a dedicated group of volunteers who created the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Committee.

In Ashburton Park on the grounds of the State House stands a beautiful memorial, a fitting tribute to the men and women of the fire service. We recently recognized the first anniversary of the memorial and during the past year so many people visit and use the memorial in the way we all dreamed they would..


Excellence in Leadership Award

Everett Fire Department

Dept Chief Michael Ragucci
Captain Joseph Hickey
Captain Kenneth Shanks
Captain Gerard O'Hearn
Lt. Walter Sikora
Lt. Michael Leary
FF Richard Mulry
FF Scott Dalrymple
FF Nicholas Russo
FF Dana Sears
FF John Chanley
FF John Goyetche
FF Kevin Williams
FF Ralph Kittredge
FF Daniel Stacey
FF Scott Hogan
FF Scott Wortman
FF Donald Keene
FF Robert Cassella
FF Scott Nee
FF Andrew Brennan
FF Joseph MacLaughlin
Tanker truck explosion, two three story wood buildings and 51 motor vehicles

One year ago this week, a tanker truck exploded at the Sweetser Circle Rotary in Everett. A fully loaded gasoline tanker overturned, struck a guardrail and spilled 9,000 gallons of gasoline down a steep embankment.

The explosion that followed the accident resulted in a river of fire flowing into three very congested residential areas. The first fire companies to arrive found extremely hazardous conditions, including three fully involved occupied multi-family dwellings and fifty cars and the tanker on fire.

At the center of this area was a heavily exposed 78-unit, 6-story elderly apartment dwelling with 84 residents.

In spite of the many challenges, the rapidly spreading fire, the heavy smoke and the winter weather conditions, the officers and firefighters of the Everett Fire Department who responded to this dangerous and chaotic scene affected a well-coordinated, aggressive attack on the exposure fires and were able to safely evacuate all involved.

Scroll of Honor

The scroll of honor recognizes all the fire service personnel who have been deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom since September 2001.

Some have seen multiple tours of duty at great personal sacrifice to them and their families. We honor these firefighters who serve and protect us at home, and overseas.

Amherst Fire Department
Cpt. Jeffrey D. Olmstead
FF David M. Dion
FF Ronald E. Ryczek
Ashland Fire Department
Chief William Kee
Athol Fire Department
FF Bradford E. Coolidge
Ayer Fire Department
Lt. Charles Dillon
Barnstable Fire Department
FF/Paramedic John Garran
Barre Fire Department
FF Matthew R. Lukert
FF Robert P. Rogowski
FF Scott N. Sheridan
FF Scott N. Sheridan, Jr.
Belchertown Fire Department
FF Patrick M. McMorrow
Berlin Fire Department
FF John E. Mitchell, Jr.
Beverly Fire Department
Lt. Donald Philpot
FF Peter Davis
FF Steven Grant
FF Dean Julien
FF Matthew Kowalski
FF Thomas Lantych
FF John Murray
FF Jonathan Palm
FF Michael Zarbano
Bondsville Fire Department
FF Kenneth Nolan
Boston Fire Department
Lt. James B. O'Brien
FF Alston Allen
FF Edwin Alvarez
FF Thomas Brittan
FF Michael Browder
FF James E. Cahill
FF Marco Castro
FF Steven Caufield
FF James P. Cushing
FF Eric Desroches
FF Francisco Diaz
FF Mark Dunnigan
FF Jose Estrella
FF Mark Flynn
FF Jospeh Ford
FF Tracey Goodman
FF Michael Gormley
FF Glen Hassard
FF Patrick Hoarty
FF Robert Jacobucci
FF David Kelley
FF Gregory Kelly
FF Keith Kelly
FF David Kirrane
FF David Krasner
FF Peter Laizza
FF Frank J. Lang
FF Mindy Larke
FF Joseph Lee
FF Eric Logan
FF Patrick D. Long
FF Roy Marshall
FF Mario J. Marotta
FF Marc McAndrew
FF Steven McGillicudy
FF Paul J. McInery
FF Yuri Quinnie
FF Kevin Ranahan
FF Richard Rizza
FF Mark Trifiro
FF Kenneth Veiga
FF Steve Waldron
FF Jeremy G. Washburn
FF Mark A. Williams
Braintree Fire Department
FF Ryan J. Pugsley
Burlington Fire Department
FF Jeffrey Alex Boucher
Cambridge Fire Department
Lt. Brian P. Higgins
FF Nathan F. Dubovsky
FF Stephen Jeffres
FF Peter J. Mickiewicz
FF Eric D. Moore
FF Ryan T. Murphy
FF Gene Myrtil
FF Brian M. Peebles
Canton Fire Department
FF/Paramedic Leo Reardon
Chelmsford Fire Department
FF Michael Young
Chesterfield Fire Department
FF Robert E. Judd, Jr.
Danvers Fire Department
FF James M. Ciman
FF William T. Redford
Dedham Fire Department
FF Jared W. Blaney
FF Thomas J. Dever
FF Robert F. Dugan
FF James R. Finneran
FF Michael L. Huff
FF Michael R. Paige
FF Thomas P. Swyers
Dracut Fire Department
Cpt. David Brouillette
FF Michael W. Petrilli II
Easton Fire & Rescue Department
FF Stephen J. Gellman
FF Richard A. Salve
Erving Fire Department
Cpt. Philip Wonkka
Everett Fire Department
FF Samuel Baral
FF Andrew Brennan
FF Scott Dalrymple
FF Kevin DeVanna
FF John Rutledge
Fairhaven Fire & EMS Department
FF/Paramedic Brian Riggs
Fall River Fire Department
Cpt. Roger St. Martin
FF Michael Baldi
FF Scott M. Comiskey
FF Edmund Correia III
FF Michael Cusick
FF John W. Goncalo
FF David A. Jennings, Jr.
FF Eric R. Madore
FF Gary Martins
FF Gershon Raposo
FF Antonio M. Rebelo
FF Dennis C. Sardinha
FF Raymond L. Schofield
Falmouth Fire Rescue
FF Christopher Cowan
FF Jeffrey Waggett
Fitchburg Fire Department
FF Kevin R. Casey, Jr.
FF Chad M. Courtemanche
FF Peter Gradito
Framingham Fire Department
FF Julio C. Feliciano
FF Wilfred A. Gingras
FF Robert J. Morrison
FF Joseph E. Neiberger
FF David R. Peters
FF Kevin R. Sullivan
FF Dana M. Tesorero
Franklin Fire Department
FF/Paramedic Michael Carter
Freetown Fire Department
FF Chad Bettencourt
Gardner Fire Department
FF Patrick Fohy
Grafton Fire Department
FF Michael J. DiVirgilio
FF Daniel J. Gallagher
Groveland Fire Department
FF Michael Hegh
Hardwick Fire Department
FF Dylan G. Goodfield
FF Matthew J. Kmiec
Hingham Fire Department
FF Jeffrey Cuozzo
FF Daniel McGonagle
Holliston Fire Department
FF Peter H. Hill
Holyoke Fire Department
Lt. Mark Fortin
FF Nicholas Callahan
FF Albert Czupkiewcz
FF Luis Delgado
FF Kevin McDonnell
FF Robert Sadowski
Hopkinton Fire Departments 
FF/Paramedic Gary T. Daugherty, Jr.
Hudson Fire Department
FF John P. Blood
Lawrence Fire Department
FF Sean D. Sullivan
Lexington Fire Department
FF Robert Levesque
Lowell Fire Department
FF Joseph R. Ruiz
FF Michael P. Silva
Ludlow Fire Department
FF Roger R. Boutin
FF/Paramedic Richard C. Machado
Malden Fire Department
Lt. James Mahoney
FF Eric DeAvilla
FF James Dockery
FF Steven Edwards
FF Joshua Eisnor
FF Steven O'Leary
FF George Perry
Marblehead Fire Department
FF Mark P. Barcamonte
FF Jeffrey K. Greenberg
FF Matthew J. Tina
Marion Fire Department
FF Antone R. Mello
Marshfield Fire Department
FF William M. Chiano
Mattapoisett Fire Department
FF Stephen S. Brodo
Medford Fire Department
FF Arthur T. Camuso
FF James M. Encalada
FF Vincent A. Marcellino III
FF Stephen P. McLaughlin
FF Joseph Rosa
Melrose Fire Department
FF Robert McVoy
Merrimac Fire Department
Lt. David Owens
Millville Fire Department
FF/EMT Michael Corriveault
Natick Fire Department
FF/Paramedic Kelly E. Brogan
FF/EMT Brett M. Corliss
FF/EMT David T. Dicicco
FF/EMT Edward E. Ward
Needham Fire Department
FF/EMT-P Robert W. Murphy
Newbury Fire Department
FF Dana M. Davis
Newton Fire Department
Lt. Mark Hernandez
FF Richard Busa
FF Thomas Claflin
FF Robert Davis
FF James Hiett
FF Daniel Ortiz
FF Jeffrey Tobias
Norwell Fire Department
FF/Paramedic Jon Healy
FF/Paramedic Gary Plunkett
Norwood Fire Department
FF Gerald Mahoney
FF Dennis P. Mawn
Oak Bluffs Fire Department
Chief Pete Forend
Lt. Paul Humber
FF Matt Bradley
Otis Fire Department
FF Ronald Densmore
FF Timothy Gagne
FF Sean Italiane
FF Jason Orlowski
FF Daniel Wesinger
Peru Fire Department
FF James W. Cahill
Plymouth Fire Department
FF Anthony Colarusso
FF Raymond Collins
FF Sean Dowling
FF Christopher Green
FF Doug Hawthorne
FF Derek Hoagland
FF Amber Keddy
FF Patrick Kennedy
FF Scott Manuel
FF Dale Melanson
FF Scott Saba
FF Matthew Sullivan
Revere Fire Department
FF Erin Leary
Rutland Fire Department
FF/EMT Justin L. Bassett
FF/EMT Dean C. Desautels
Saugus Fire Department
FF/Paramedic David T. Springer
FF Gregory S. Cinelli
FF Stephen Lawrence Rea
Somerville Fire Department
FF Thomas Gorman
FF Michael J. Marino

FF Shawn Quinn
FF David A. Wells
Sterling Fire Department
FF Robert P. Rogowski
Stoneham Fire Department
FF David Eastman
FF Sean Fitzgerald
FF Michael Labriola
FF James McLaughlin, Jr.
FF Justin Petrillo
Stoughton Fire Department
FF/EMT Joseph Visser
Stow Fire Department
FF/EMT Michael Gallagher
FF Christopher Shaw
Sutton Fire Department
FF Richard Fisette
Swansea Fire Department
FF Andrew H. Windle
Tisbury Fire Department
FF Travis Bissey
FF Jared Meader
Topsfield Fire Department
FF Eric D. Moore
Upton Fire Department
FF Nathan Addy
Wales Fire Department
FF John S. Croke IV
Waltham Fire Department
Lt. John J. Babstock
FF Michael T. Crane
FF Guy T. Gautreau
FF Kevin M. Goddard
FF Joseph C. Lemont
FF Christopher J. Mullaney
Watertown Fire Department
FF Sean Costigan
FF James Maloney
FF Patrick Menton
FF Christopher Sharkey
West Barnstable Fire Department
FF Jay Charlonne
West Boylston Fire Department
Lt. Dean C. Kochanowski
Westfield Fire Department
Cpt. Richard Baker
Cpt. Thomas Johnson
FF Marc Bourgeios
FF Duane Desilets
FF James Johnson
Westport Fire Department
Lt. Brian A. Beaulieu
Westwood Fire Department
FF/Paramedic Neil Martino
Weymouth Fire Department
FF Jeremy J. Bailey
FF John P. Grant
FF Kevin P. McNiff
FF Matthew Menz
FF Kevin Ryan
FF James J. Shea
FF Brad Sherrick
FAS Warren D. Smith
FF Gary J. Walsh
Whitman Fire - Rescue
FF Paul A. Skarinka
Winchester Fire Department
FF Gregory F. Quill
Worcester Fire Department
Dist. Chief James Russell
Lt. Larry Gay
FF Scott Armstrong
FF Lincoln Boisseau
FF Gina Genatossio-Dykas
FF Ralph Knight
FF Joseph Leardi
FF Christopher Paul
FF Matthew Santon
FF Ralph Tiscione
Yarmouth Fire Department
Lt. Gerard D. Walsh
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Bureau of Forest Fire Control
FF Joshua D. Nigro


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