How to Register for Courses

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The on-line directory of MFA courses lists a description of each course, the number of course hours and whether a session is currently being offered. The course record contains a description of the course and session information, when available. This course information is updated at the beginning of each month. If the course is eligible for e-mail registration, then click on the word REGISTER next to the section you choose. Fill out all of the registration information, then click on the SEND REGISTRATION FORM button. If the class is full or canceled you will be notified.

The other way to register for courses is to complete the newly updated student application and mail or fax it to MFA at (978) 567-3229. Download the registration form pdf format of    Download MFA Registration Form  from this site or contact your training officer for copies. On-line registration is not available for courses that have live fire, priority selection, Municipal Hire or require a fee for attendance.

When completing the paper application, there are six different sections which are identified on the left hand side of the form. Sections A and B are required for all seminars and field programs. In addition, sections D and E are required for live fire classes and require the chief's signature. Section F is required for courses that have a fee.

Admission to Firefighting Academy courses is restricted to members of fire departments in the cities, towns and fire districts in Massachusetts and similar public fire departments in other states. Out-of-state firefighters should contact Administration Coordinator Kate D'Amelio for information.


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