Severe Weather Cancellation

Cancellation Hotline (978) 567-3248

This is a 24-7 voice message - continually updated as to the status of classes at the Stow Firefighting Academy and as weather conditions change. This line does not accept messages.   This hotline provides the latest information on course status.  It can be updated remotely.   Please check the hotline often during severe weather for updates on the status of classes.  The Hotline is the most accurate means of determining the status of classes or courses at the Stow Fire Academy location.  To leave a message, call (978) 567-3100

The Fire Academy also utilizes the cancellation information on WHDH TV Channel 7 Boston.  Cancellation of classes at the Stow Academy will have Mass Firefighting Academy scrolling on the television screen as well as on their website.

All other field training classes scheduled during weather emergencies are cancelled by the Program Coordinator for the individual program.  Instructions on procedures for class  notification should be received at the beginning of each class or program.

Classes scheduled to be conducted at other training sites will be canceled based on local conditions. Cancellation announcements will be carried on the following radio and television stations:

WBEC AM 1420 Pittsfield

WBEC FM 105.5 Pittsfield

WHYN AM 560 Springfield

WHYN FM 93.1 Springfield

WRKO AM 680 Boston

WCVB TV Channel 5 Boston

WHDH TV Channel 7 Boston