The Training Resource Guide contains information on the training and certification opportunities available to the Massachusetts Fire Service. Courses are ordered by program area and include descriptions, course numbers, and credit hours. The guide can be viewed as a complete PDF, but we have also broken it up by training programs in order to make course descriptions easier to find.
Many DFS/MFA courses have been approved by the Department of Public Health’s Office of Emergency Management Services (OEMS) for continuing education credits for emergency medical technicians (EMTs). To learn more about which courses have been approved or how to get the documentation you need to submit, go to the OEMS Approvals page.

Firefighter Skills  pdf format of Firefighter Skills
file size 2MB

firefighter skills thumbnail

Whether you are a rookie looking to learn the basics or the seasoned veteran brushing up on critical fireground skills, our programs provide the best in standards-based training.

Advanced Firefighter Skills  pdf format of Advanced Firefighter Skills
file size 2MB

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Firefighters face daily challenges from running an aerial device in order to perform ventilation to  handling a high voltage emergency. Advanced Firefighting programs train firefighters to face any emergency.

Fire Officer Training Program  pdf format of Fire Officer Training Program
file size 1MB

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Our fire officer programs provide a wide range of training opportunities to allow the leaders of today and tomorrow to develop and practice the skills necessary to ensure personal and organizational success both on the emergency scene and in the fire station.

Fire Investigation  pdf format of Fire Investigation
file size 2MB

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Our fire investigation programs provide fire service and law enforcement personnel with the skills to be competent fire investigators.

Fire Prevention  pdf format of Fire Prevention
file size 1MB

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Our fire prevention programs provide members of the fire service with the skills to perform all levels of fire prevention work in the community, and to build on their knowledge and experience.

Public Education  pdf format of Public Education
file size 1MB

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Public education programs provide members of the fire service with the skills necessary to support key community risk reduction initiatives.

Online Training  pdf format of Online Training

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Online Training features short presentations that firefighters can study while on duty in stations. The trainings are available at any time but must be completed within one semester.

Flammable Gas  pdf format of Flammable Gas
file size 1MB

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Our flammable gas programs provide training to the fire service and to industry for handling incidents involving LNG, natural gas, and propane gas through classroom instruction and real world props.

Hazardous Materials  pdf format of Hazardous Materials Training
file size 1MB

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Our training programs provide all levels of hazardous materials response skills from everyday operations-level responder through hazardous materials technician.

Technical Rescue  pdf format of Technical Rescue
file size 2MB

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Rope, confined space, trench, ice and water rescue are all presented through dynamic, real life scenarios designed to increase individual and team capabilities.

Impact Training  pdf format of Impact Training
file size 1MB


Impact Training Programs provide two- to three-hour presentations to firefighters on duty in their stations. Many of these programs can be handed off to the local training officer for delivery.

Rapid Intervention  pdf format of Rapid Intervention
file size 1MB

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Firefighter survival and RIT training teaches self survival and safe extrication of a downed firefighter who may be injured, trapped or lost at an emergency scene.

Educational Methodology  pdf format of Educational Methodology
file size 1MB

Educational Methodology

Our educational methodology programs provide fire service instructors with the skills necessary to successfully plan and implement quality, comprehensive training programs to benefit the entire fire service

Course Certification  pdf format of Course Certification

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Certification verifies that a candidate has successfully completed a certification exam of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities against the national standard. The Massachusetts Fire Training Council is accredited through the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board) to certify members of the fire service.