The summer season is upon us once again, starting with July Fourth celebrations and fireworks displays.  As usual with the June issue, this month’s DFS Briefs contains important information for fire departments as they prepare for fireworks displays, including contact information and a fireworks display checklist which provides guidelines for a fireworks program – before the show, day of the show, following the show.  As always, my office stands ready to provide technical, compliance, and enforcement support, 24/7 – especially during the busy 4th of July week.  The following numbers may be called for immediate assistance - outside of regular business hours, 508-820-2000 normal business days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., 978-567-3375.

In the June DFS Briefs, you will also find: (1) a memo from MassDEP containing guidance on perchlorate-containing fireworks, (2) information on temporary housing at traveling carnivals and circuses, (3) information on two official interpretations from the Board of Building Regulations and Standards, (4) information on upcoming training opportunities and (5) fire factors for fireworks.


BBRS Interpretations pdf format of     BBRS Interpretations

Cover for DEP Fireworks Memo pdf format of    Cover for DEP Fireworks Memo

DEP Fireworks Memo pdf format of    DEP Fireworks Memo

Housing at Carnivals and Circus pdf format of    Housing at Carnivals and Circus

Summer Fireworks Season pdf format of    Summer Fireworks Season

Fireworks Display Checklist pdf format of    Fireworks Display Checklist


Critical Incident Stress Management Conference pdf format of    Critical Incident Stress Management Conference Flyer


Public Education Information

FireFACTORS - Fireworks pdf format of    FireFACTORS - Fireworks

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