DFS Springfield Front Facade

On Nov. 30, 2012, the state Dept. of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) finally closed on the Springfield Fire Training Center. The state paid $2M for the 6.6 acre facility and now the process of renovating and equipping it to become the Mass. Firefighting Academy-West begins. On this page are concept drawings from the designers of how the building will look and you can see there are many similarities to Department of Fire Services (DFS) headquarters in Stow. The anticipated move-in date is mid-2015. Transforming this facility into a state-of-the-art training facility that can be accessed by all firefighters has been a goal the western MA fire services has pursued for a long time and is now becoming a reality.

The new building will be roughly 18,000 sq ft with classrooms, locker and shower facilities, three fire apparatus bays. In addition to being a firefighter training facility, it will also provide office space for the Mass. State Police Fire Investigation Unit’s West Team and the Code Compliance and Enforcement Unit’s western MA staff.  Special Operations vehicles will also be stationed there. The Springfield Fire Department will also maintain a presence at the new facility housing their training coordinator and using other office space.

The Mass. Firefighting Academy is already training firefighters at the facility which eases some of the strain on the headquarters in Stow and makes the training more accessible to firefighters in the western part of the state.

August 25, 2014 - Progress Report
Demolition of the existing building at 100 Grochmal Avenue in Springfield has begun in preparation for the new facility. Once demolition is completed, the next phase will be to complete leveling and compaction of the new building location that is in approximately the same area where the old building stood. After site preparation is completed the next phase will be footing and foundations.

building demolition
building demolition
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