October 11, 2007 Joint Meeting of the BFPR and BBRS

On October 11, 2007, a joint meeting of the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations and the Board of Building Regulations and Standards was held to discuss recent research into smoke alarm performance and smoke characterization study. The documents submitted to the Boards are posted below.

The Board of Fire Prevention Regulations and the Board of Building Regulations and Standards are not responsible for their content.



Joseph Fleming
Deputy Chief
Boston Fire Department
Deputy Chief Joseph Fleming - Mass Summit Overheads.ppt pdf format of    deputy_chief_joseph_fleming_mass_summit_overheads.
 527 Mass Board Proposal[1].doc pdf format of    527mass_board_proposal1.pdf
 AFAC Letter to Comm.doc pdf format of    afac_letter_to_comm.pdf
 AFAC Smoke Alarm position 1 June2006.pdf pdf format of    afacsmokealarmposition1june2006.pdf
 Alaskan Nuisance paper.pdf pdf format of    alaskan_nuisance_paper.pdf
 Behavior in Underground Fires.pdf pdf format of    behavior_in_underground_fires.pdf  file size 1MB
 BRYAN SFPE HB - VISIBILITY.pdf pdf format of    bryan_sfpe_hb_visibility.pdf  file size 1MB
 DiGuiseppi Response.doc pdf format of    diguiseppi_response.pdf
 DiGuiseppi995.pdf pdf format of    diguiseppi995.pdf
 Doubt is Their Product (97-03).doc pdf format of    doubt_is_their_product_97_03.pdf
 First Alert One Link.doc pdf format of    first_alert_one_link.pdf
 How Safe Are UL Products1.pdf pdf format of    howsafeareulproducts1.pdf
 Indiana State Fire Marshal SD Policy 10-05-07.doc pdf format of    indiana_ste_fm_sd_policy_100507.pdf
 Indianapolis 05-21-07.doc pdf format of    indianapolis_05_21_07.pdf
 Iowa Research.doc pdf format of    iowa_research.pdf
 JAY CRITIQUE OF IAFC SMOKE ALARMS POSITION 09-24-07.doc pdf format of    jay_critique_of_iafc_smoke_alarms_position_09_24_0
 JIN SFPE HB - VISIBILITY.pdf pdf format of    jin_sfpe_hb_visibility.pdf  file size 1MB
 KrimskyWEIGHTEVIDENCE.pdf pdf format of    krimskyweightevidence.pdf
 Photo vs Ion Detectors (with edits) - A Review of the Literature.pdf pdf format of    photo_vs_ion_detectors_with_edits _a_review_of_the
 Photo vs. Ion Re-visited 2004 ( J. Fleming).pdf pdf format of    photo_vs_ion_re_visited_2004_j_fleming.pdf
 PURSER SFPE HB - VISIBILITY.pdf pdf format of    purser_sfpe_hb_visibility.pdf  file size 1MB
 Rotterdam - City Council.docx pdf format of    rotterdam_city_council.pdf  file size 1MB
 SMOKE DETECTORS TECHNOLOGY.pdf pdf format of    smoke_detectors_technology.pdf
 SUMMARY OF SFPE VISIBILITY INFORMATION.doc pdf format of    summary_of_sfpe_visibility_information.pdf
 Tasmanian Brigade Position On Smoke Alarms[1].pdf pdf format of    tasmanianbrigadepositiononsmokealarms_1.pdf
 The NFPA Balanced Committee for State.doc pdf format of    the_nfpa_balanced_committee_for_state.pdf
 USFA 03-05 FATAL FIRES.pdf pdf format of    usfa_03_05_fatal_fires.pdf
 USFA 08-08 FATAL FIRES AND SMOKE DETECTORS.pdf pdf format of    usfa_08_08_fatal_fires_and_smoke_detectors.pdf
 VYTO LETTER.pdf pdf format of    vyto_letter.pdf
 VYTO'S RESUME.doc pdf format of    vyto_s_resume.pdf
Mark Devine
Vice President of Product Development
BRK Brands / First Alert
Mark Devine BRK Brands 1 of 4.pdf pdf format of    mark_devine_brk_brands_1of4.pdf
 Mark Devine BRK Brands 2 of 4.pdf pdf format of    mark_devine_brk_brands_2of4.pdf  file size 2MB
 Mark Devine BRK Brands 3 of 4.pdf pdf format of    mark_devine_brk_brands_3of4.pdf  file size 2MB
 Mark Devine BRK Brands 4 of 4.pdf pdf format of    mark_devine_brk_brands_4of4.pdf  file size 2MB
Gary Keith
Vice President
National Fire Protection Association
Gary Keith NFPA Smoke Detection Technology.ppt pdf format of    gary_keith_nfpa_smoke_detection_technology.pdf
Paul Patty
Senior Research Engineer
Research and Development
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Paul Patty UL Smoke Characterization Project.ppt pdf format of    paul_patty_ul_smoke_characterization_project.pdf
 Paul Patty UL FPRF Smoke Characterization Project Final Report.pdf pdf format of    paul_patty_ul_fprf_smoke_characterization_project_  file size 2MB
Chris Rovenstine
Director of Marketing and Communications
Kidde Residential and Commercial Division
Chris Rovenstine Kidde MA Fire Marshal Mtg.pdf pdf format of    chris_rovenstine_kidde_ma_fire_marshal_mtg.pdf
Chief Alan Perdue
Fire & Life Safety Section Representative
International Association of Fire Chiefs
Alan Perdue IAFC Position Paper.doc pdf format of    alan_perdue_iafc_positionpaper.pdf
Edward Ledoux
A/E Business Development Manager
SimplexGrinnell - New England Region
Edward Ledoux SimplexGrinnell BFPR Photo V Ion Presentation.ppt pdf format of    edward_ledoux_simplexgrinnell_bfpr_photo_v_ion_pre  file size 1MB
 Ed Ledoux SimplexGrinnell New England.pdf pdf format of    ed_ledoux_simplexgrinnell_new_england.pdf
Bruce Johnson
Regional Manager, Fire Service Activities&
International Code Council
Bruce Johnson ICC Presention.doc pdf format of    bruce_johnson_icc_presention.pdf
S. Shyam Sunder
Director, Building and Fire Research Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
S Shyam Sunder NIST.pdf pdf format of    s_shyam_sunder_nist.pdf
Dennis J. Crane Vice President and General Manager - Safety Products Invensys ControlsDJ Crane Invensys MA Smoke Alarm Letter Final.pdf pdf format of    dj_crane_invensys_ma_smoke_alarm_letter_final.pdf
Gregory B. Cade
U.S. Fire Administrator
United States Fire Administration / FEMA
Gregory Cade USFA.pdf pdf format of    gregory_cade_usfa.pdf
Evan R. Gaddis
National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Evan Gaddis NEMA.pdf pdf format of    evan_gaddis_nema.pdf