Board Members - July 8, 2013
Aime R. DeNault, ChairRepresentative of Massachusetts Association of Realtors
Maurice M. Pilette, Vice ChairProfessional Engineer
John HassonActing Commissioner, City of Boston (Ex-Officio)
Stephen D. CoanState Fire Marshal (Ex-Officio)
Anthony DiNataleRepresentative of Hotel/Motel Industries
Alexander MacleodState Board of Building Regulations and Standards (Designee)
Peter E. GibbonsRepresentative of Sprinkler Fitters Union
Chief Thomas CoulombeRepresentative of Fire Chiefs' Association of Massachusetts
George A. DuhamelElectrical Inspector
Peter Senopoulos, EsqLegal Counsel to Board
 Administrative Assistant

The Fire Safety Commission is statutorily charged with promulgating all rules and regulations for the implementation of a statewide plan for the installation of automatic sprinklers in all buildings and structures of more than seventy feet in height. The Fire Safety Commission is composed of nine members. Contact the Commission at (978) 567-3181.

Fire Safety Commission Regulations - (These are un-official versions of 527 CMR regulations and are provided as a convenience to the public. DFS uses its best efforts to update these documents, however for official use please contact the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office.)

  • 530 CMR 2.00 pdf format of 530_cmr_2.pdf
 : Installation of Automatic Sprinklers in High Rise Buildings and Structures

The Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board (ASAB) of the Commission, a five member hearing board, conducts hearings for persons seeking relief from orders or requirement of the head of the fire department, issued pursuant to M.G.L. c. 148 sections 26A ½, 26G, 26G ½, and 26H. For ASAB hearings, the presence of the appellant, and the head of the fire department or designee/agent is strongly recommended. To request an appeal application, or for further information, please call the ASAB Administrative Assistant at (978) 567-3181.

Filing ASAB Appeals: All appeals must be filed within 45 days (calendar days) after receiving service of notice of the head of the fire department's determination. All appeals require the submission of the formal application form (8 copies), a copy of the head of the fire department's written determination, a written explanation of relief request, and a $100.00 file fee.

For additional information about hearings before the Board, please see the following two memorandums issued by the board:

Memorandum - August 8, 2003 pdf format of 03_08_08_asab_dispo_memo.pdf

Memorandum - August 23, 2005 pdf format of 05_08_23_memo.pdf

Special Alert:
The Sprinkler Appeals Board hears appeals of determinations issued by heads of fire departments relating to the new sprinkler requirements relating to nightclubs, dance halls, discotheques, bars and similar entertainment facilities in existing buildings (M.G.L. c. 148, s.26G1/2). To assist persons who are seeking information about this new law the Board has provided the following information:

ASAB Jan. 10, 2005 Advisory pdf format of asab_guidance.pdf

ASAB Appeal Application and Instructions pdf format of asab_application_revised_08_2010.pdf


Changes to MGL C148 s 26G Sprinkler Law Take Effect Jan 1, 2010.


Recent ASAB Decisions on M.G.L. c. 148s. 26 G:

Significant ASAB Decisions Relating to M.G.L. c. 148 s. 26G½ Sprinkler Law

ASAB CASE #05-23: 91 Manville Street, Leicester (M.G.L. c.148,s.26G1/2) : pdf format of 05_23_91_manville_st_leicester.pdf
 The Board determined that a facility used for "organized private dining events" was not subject to the retrofit sprinkler requirements of M.G.L. c. 148, s.26G1/2. The Board established 7 specific characteristics that should be present for such buildings to be exempt from the enhanced sprinkler requirements of the new law. The Board also noted that statute allows for "temporary use" of certain buildings as a nightclub, dance hall, discotheque or bar or similar entertainment purpose without the need for sprinklers if a permit is issued by the head of the fire department in consultation with the building inspector who may set the terms and conditions to protect against fire and preserve public safety.

ASAB # 05-18, 63 Webster Street, Fall River (M.G.L. c.148, 26G1/2): pdf format of 05_18_63_webster_st_fall_river.pdf
  This case presented an establishment that featured characteristics of both a restaurant (which is specifically exempt from the law) and a bar. The Board established a two-part analysis of the building's characteristics to determine if such "combination" establishments, or portions thereof, are subject to the new sprinkler requirements of M.G.L. c. 148, s.26G1/2.

Additional Copies of Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board decisions relating to sprinkler requirements of MGL c.148, s.26G1/2 for nightclubs, dance halls, discotheques, bars and similar uses


Globe Dry Fire Sprinkler Recall

On August 1, 2007, State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan issued an administrative order to Fire Chiefs regarding the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Globe Fire Sprinkler recall of Globe Model J Series Dry Fire Sprinklers.

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