MFIRS Annual Data

By law, fire departments must report any fire or explosion resulting in a dollar loss or human casualty to the Division of Fire Safety. Fire departments are encouraged to report all of their incidents.

The data on the fire incident report can be analyzed in a wide variety of ways. Each year a fact sheet is produced summarizing the fire and fire death experience in Massachusetts. The office also publishes an annual report pdf format of    2012 MFIRS Annual Report  file size 4MB of the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System, which is used to answer statistical questions about fire. If you do not have a PDF reader, please download and install Acrobat Reader.

Massachusetts participates in the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). After we compile the data from Massachusetts' fire departments, we forward it to the U.S. Fire Administration. Although paperwork may seem to have little to do with fire protection, firefighters who carefully document the causes of fires and the make model and serial numbers of products involved in fires help identify how similar fires can be prevented in the future.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission uses NFIRS data to help identify products that could cause fires and to develop safety tips to include in their free publications. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses NFIRS information to help identify fire risks in certain vehicles. The National Fire Protection Association uses NFIRS data in many of their analyses.

MFIRS is an automated system. For information for fire departments and software vendors on coding information, forms, electronic reporting, record layout information, software vendor approval, contact Derryl Dion in the Fire Data Unit at (978) 567-3382.

MFIRS Reports & Annual Data

Annual ReportsAnnual Fact SheetsAnnual County DataAnnual Suffolk County Data
2012 Annual Report pdf format of    2012 MFIRS Annual Report  file size 4MB 2012 Fact Sheet pdf format of    2012 Fact Sheet  2012 Counties pdf format of    2012 Counties  file size 4MB2012 Suffolk County pdf format of    2012 Suffolk County
2011 Annual Report pdf format of    2011 MFIRS Annual Report  file size 4MB 2011 Fact Sheet pdf format of    2011 Fire Facts Sheet  2011 Counties pdf format of    2011 Counties  file size 2MB2011 Suffolk County pdf format of    2011 Suffolk County
2010 Annual Report pdf format of    2010 MFIRS Annual Report  file size 7MB 2010 Fact Sheet pdf format of    2010 Fire Facts Sheet  2010 Counties pdf format of    2010 County Profiles.pdf  file size 1MB2010 Suffolk County pdf format of    2010 Suffolk County.pdf
2009 Annual Report pdf format of    2009 MFIRS Annual Report  file size 4MB 2009 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2009.pdf  2009 Counties pdf format of    2009_county_profiles.pdf  file size 3MB2009 Suffolk County pdf format of    2009_suffolk_county.pdf
2008 Annual Report pdf format of    2008annualreport.pdf  file size 4MB 2008 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2008.pdf  2008 Counties pdf format of    2008_county_profiles.pdf  file size 2MB2008 Suffolk County pdf format of    2008_suffolk_county.pdf
2007 Annual Report pdf format of    2007annualreport.pdf  file size 4MB 2007 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2007.pdf    
2006 Annual Report pdf format of    2006annualreport.pdf  file size 6MB 2006 Fact Sheet pdf format of    2006 Fire Statistics For Massachusetts    
2005 Annual Report pdf format of    2005annualreport.pdf  file size 5MB 2005 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2005.pdf    
2004 Annual Report pdf format of    2004annualreport.pdf  file size 3MB 2004 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2004.pdf    
2003 Annual Report pdf format of    2003annualreport.pdf  file size 6MB 2003 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2003.pdf    
2002 Annual Report pdf format of    2002annualreport.pdf  file size 2MB 2002 Fact Sheet pdf format of    facts_2002.pdf     
2001 Annual Report pdf format of    2001annualreport.pdf  file size 1MB