The following Excel workbook with your input will calculate the estimated dollar loss for property and contents for a structure fire. It will also calculate the estimated pre-incident property and contents values of the structure. Just enter the information in Steps 1 -3 and 5 - 8 and the calculations will automatically be completed. These figures are meant to be a good faith estimation of the dollar loss incurred by fire, smoke, water and overhaul damage. Please enter the results in the appropriated fields in your MFIRS reports.

These figures are calculated using information provided by the International Building Codes Council (IBCC) Property Valuation Circular. It is updated approximately every two years. Every state has a regional cost modifier that is based on the state that the incident occurred in. Massachusetts Fire Departments should leave the state in cell C4 on the PLET worksheet as Massachusetts.

Property Loss Estimation Tool (PLET) xls format of plet_property_loss_estimation_tool.xls

(Created by: John Patchen, Kansas State NFIRS Program Manager, Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office)

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