To: Head of Fire Departments
From: Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Date: December 18 1999
Re: Licenses and Permits in Mercantile Establishments

Recently it has been discovered that M.G.L. Ch. 148 S.13 and 527 CMR 14.03 are not being used uniformly across the Commonwealth in mercantile establishments,such as Sears, Walmart, K-Mart etc. The storage license, MGL 148 Sec. 13, requirements for flammable and combustible liquids, gases and solids are described in 527 CMR 14.03.

Specifically, a license is required when the total aggregate quantities exceed those listed in the table. Further, the code requires that the storage permit application be as explicit as possible, prior to the issuance of a storage permit.

Please verify the licenses and permits within your community as these establishments are not exempt.

For additional assistance contact the Fire Marshal's Compliance and Enforcement Unit at 978-567-3300.