To: Head of Fire Departments
From: Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Date: February 1, 2000
Re: Home Depot - Tool Rental Centers

Home Depot is in the process of setting up tool/equipment rental centers in their new and existing stores. The tool/equipment rental center is generally located with an outside entrance and exit as well as entry from the store itself. All tools/equipment, which can be rented, are to be displayed in this area. Adjacent to the rental display area is a repair and maintenance room including a cleaning area and sharpening/grinding equipment.

When gasoline tools/equipment are returned, the gasoline will be evacuated from the tank and the engine oil will be drained prior to equipment maintenance, sharpening and returning to the display area. Home Depot is proposing the waste gasoline and oil will be temporarily stored in separate closed 55-gallon drums. Proposed new gasoline storage is approximately 30 gallons in a flammable liquid storage cabinet.

527 CMR 14.03 requires, at least, a permit from the local fire department for the storage of gasoline and waste oil. If in fact a license has been granted in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 148, section 13, for the storage of flammables and combustibles at the subject location, the license must be amended to include any additional storage.

After a thorough investigation and examination of the proposed rental centers and the storage of gasoline and waste oil by Home Depot this office has determined the following:

In accordance with 527 CMR 14.03(9), no gasoline shall be kept or stored in the rental
tool display area or tool maintenance area. All storage, evacuation and transfer of
gasoline shall be in a separate segregated area devoid of any potential ignition sources
(preferably outside the building). Further, waste oil storage shall be maintained in the
same segregated area.

If you have any questions please call the Code Compliance and Enforcement Unit at (978) 567-3300 or in western Massachusetts at (413) 587-3181.