To:Head of Fire Departments
From:Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Date:May 2, 2001
Re:780 CMR Update

Attached is the most up-to-date language from 780 CMR regarding abandoned buildings. This language became effective upon filing with the Secretary of State's Office after the April meeting of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards. The Board of Building Regulations and Standards has issued this to each city/town building inspector within the Commonwealth.

If you have any questions contact the Code Compliance and Enforcement Unit - Office of the State Fire Marshal at 978/567-3300 or in Western MA 413-587-3181.

780 CMR 121.8: Marking or identifying certain buildings that are especially unsafe
in the case of fire.

Any building official who determines that a building is especially unsafe in case of fire under 780 CMR 121.2, shall notify the head of the fire department about the existence of said building. The building official, in cooperation and the with the head of the fire department, shall mark said building in accordance with the marking requirements established by the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations in 527 CMR 10.00.