To: Head of Fire Departments
From: Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Date: May 2, 2001
Re: Fireworks/Special Effects User's Certificate

This Advisory is issued to remind each department that after June 1, 2001 a Fireworks/Special Effects User's Certificate will be required for the issuance of a permit for either display fireworks or special effects. The Office of the State Fire Marshal has been processing applications and will be issuing certificates at the end of May with an effective date of June 1, 2001. The certificates to be issued will all be originals. You should not accept a photocopy of a certificate under any circumstances. The certificates themselves will be distinct in appearance and will include the name and address of the holder of the certificate, effective and expiration dates, and certificate number. All other permitting procedures remain the same.

A list of active user's certificates will be distributed to each department at the beginning of June 2001. Should there be any question regarding the validity of a certificate, you should feel free to call the Office of the State Fire Marshal. It is also advised that if there is any question as to whether the individual presenting you with the certificate is an employee of the company named on the certificate a call should be made to that company for verification. While it is not expected that there will be any fraudulent use of this certificate, it is a new requirement for the fireworks industry and the potential could exist for attempted mishandling.

Further assistance is always available through the Office of the State Fire Marshal on this or similar issues. Feel free to call the Code Compliance and Enforcement Unit or Technical Services at either (978) 567-3300 or in Western Mass. (413) 587-3181.

image of a Fireworks / Special Effects User's Certificate noting a blue background with the Mass state logo.