To: Head of Fire Departments
From: Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Thomas Gatzunis, Commissioner of Public Safety
Date: July 29, 2004
Re: Dangerous Buildings

On July 19, 2004 Governor Romney signed into law, H.972, "An Act Relative to Dangerous Buildings". This bill amended M.G.L. c. 143 s. 6 by adding a requirement that, upon either written notice or posted notice by the local inspector that a building or structure is dangerous, unused, uninhabited or abandoned and open to the weather or is especially unsafe in case of a fire "… the owner lessee or mortgagee in possession shall furnish a floor plan of such building or structure to the chiefs of the fire and police departments of the city or town."

This submission of the floor plan is in addition to the board up requirements of 780 CMR and the marking requirements under 527 CMR. Please note this law becomes effective on or after October 19, 2004.