To:All Heads of Fire Departments
From:Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Date:September 1, 2005
Re:Emergency Gas Code Regulation

Attached for information only, is a copy of the emergency gas regulation that became effective on July 29, 2005. This new regulation requires the installation of carbon monoxide detectors under certain conditions in conjunction with the installation and use of certain gas appliances. This regulation is to be enforced by the local plumbing/gas inspector. We would encourage fire officials to work with the gas/plumbing officials when they have questions regarding carbon monoxide detector placement and installation.

The plumbing board will hold a formal public hearing on September 7, 2005, at which time minor changes are expected. Further, the passage of Nicole's law will also impact this regulation and the formation of a future regulation by the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations. Upon passage of the BFPR regulation we will work with the gas/plumbing board to align both regulations.

If you have any question contact our technical services unit at 978-567-3375 or in
Western MA at 413-587-3181.