To: All Heads of Fire Departments

Stephen D. Coan,
State Fire Marshal

Chief Steven P. Edwards, President,
Fire Chiefs' Association of Massachusetts

Date: August 1, 2005
Re: Resources for Local Public Education Programs

At the end of Fiscal Year '05, the Department of Fire Services was able to procure resources to support local public fire and life safety education programs. We are pleased with this procurement and hope, with the reauthorization of the Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) program grants in Fiscal Year '06, that local fire departments will be able to put these resources to good use in the community this year. At the 11 th annual Massachusetts Public Fire and Life Safety Education Conference on September 28-29, 2005, we will be distributing these resource materials to local fire department representatives.

Building Partnerships at State and Local Levels - Can't Do It Alone!
At the state level, DFS and FCAM are working to build partnerships with the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the new Department of Early Education and Care. We hope that local fire educators will build new or expand upon existing partnerships with senior center directors, councils on aging members, and heads of licensed day care centers to help reduce risk of fire death and injury to these vulnerable populations. The fire service cannot do it alone and partnering with others helps us get the job done. We have asked Jennifer Carey, Secretary of Elder Affairs, and Ann Reale, Commissioner of the Department of Early Education and Care to reach out to their constituencies as well. So expect a call!

Resources for Local Programs
What are these resources?

  • 1 copy of the NFPA's Remembering When: A Fall and Fire Prevention Program for Older Adults; (Spanish and Russian companion materials available online at;
  • 1 set of the NFPA's Learn Not To Burn Resources Books - for teaching grades K-3;
  • Copies of the NFPA's Learn Not To Burn PreSchool Program - one for every day care center licensed with the Office for Children in the community; these will be in English but we have Spanish versions available upon special request.

If you already have a copy of the Remembering When program, you might store the extra copy at the senior center.

DFS does not have a large shipping budget, so staff will be distributing the materials at this year's conference at times after the morning registration. We hope as many fire educators as possible will be able to take advantage of the training at this year's conference, but if a department is not able to attend, they may make arrangements after the conference to pick up the materials at the DFS offices (Stow or Northampton.)

Hazard Houses
DFS has also purchased four (4) Hazard Houses from Modeltech International. These are teaching tools that can help illustrate and demonstrate a variety of fire and life safety issues in the home. One will be housed in the western Massachusetts office and the other two will be at the DFS, Stow, for use by local fire departments. For details about how to make arrangements to use and how to receive training, please contact the S.A.F.E. staff at (978) 567-3380. Each Hazard House comes in three portable "suitcase" like containers.

These Hazard Houses joins other educational tools that are available at DFS for use by local departments such as the junior fire gear, the Sparky Ò the Fire Dog, videos, and curricula and other material in the Public Education Resource Library.