To:All Heads of Fire Departments
From:Stephen D. Coan, State Fire Marshal
Date:April 20, 2006
Re:CO Alarms - Hard Wiring

Under the new CO regulation, 527 CMR 31.00, most CO alarm protection is required to be installed by 3-31-06. However, the regulation in 527 CMR 31.04 (1)(d.), allows for an alternative compliance deadline of 1-1-07 for certain hardwired installations including: (1) ac (alternating current) primary power source with battery back up or wired, low voltage, carbon monoxide alarm protection or (2) the Alternative Compliance Option of 527 CMR 31.04 (1)(c). In order for an owner to take advantage of this extended compliance time limit, the owner must provide written notification of such intent to the head of the fire department by 5-15-06. The submission of such notification shall be deemed to be the consent by the owner to the future inspection of the subject building by the head of the fire department to determine compliance.






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