Code Compliance officers are responsible for ensuring uniform statewide compliance with the laws and regulations the State Fire Marshal is charged to enforce. The unit can be asked to look into any matter covered by MGL Chapter 148 or 527 CMR. Code Compliance officers have statewide jurisdiction and are designated by the State Fire Marshal to support the regulatory compliance efforts of local fire department officers and to enhance our fire prevention goals. Technical support staff provides fire protection engineering support, fire code interpretations, and opinions on the application of fire safety laws and regulations, and support to local enforcement agencies. Code compliance officers review plans and issue permits for the operation of aboveground storage tanks and for self-serve gas stations pdf format of self_serve_guide_revised.pdf

Please note: Effective July 1, 2009 administration of the Underground Storage Tank Program (UST) has been transferred to the Department of Environmental Protection. (Phone: 617-556-1035 Ext. 2)

New Hazardous Material Process or Processing - 527 CMR 33.00

There have been several explosions in Massachusetts in commercial facilities where a hazardous materials process or processing took place. This regulation was developed as a result of these explosions that affected both the public and public safety officials. The Board of Fire Prevention Regulations began work on this regulation after a 2005 explosion in Leominster. A second large explosion took place in Danvers in 2006, and just prior to the implementation of this regulation, a third explosion took place in Middleton in March 2011. This new (2012) regulation establishes categories of processes and there is a phased implementation of the permit requirement by category. It also establishes emergency response planning for all facilities and post-incident analysis requirements for larger ones.

Aboveground Storage Tanks

The AST regulations are currently enforced by the State Fire Marshal, and require anyone constructing or installing new aboveground storage tanks to obtain a permit from the Office of the State Marshal. The regulations also require that all such tanks have an annual Use Permit issued by the marshal and be inspected no less than annually. Due to the number of tanks across the state, the regulations require that the tank owner or operator retain a qualified inspector for the required annual inspection.

Approved Tank Disposal Yards

Tank disposal yards are facilities permitted by the State Fire Marshal to accept and dispose of underground steel storage tanks which formerly contained motor fuel.

Licenses, Certificates of Competency, Users Certificates and Permits

The Office of the State Fire Marshal issues licenses to people and companies engaged in fireworks, blasting, explosives, special effects, cannon and mortar firing, commercial cooking exhaust system cleaning and inspection, special hazard systems and portable fire extinguishers. It also issues permits for the transport of fireworks and explosives.

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